Make the Most Out of Waterfowl Season with Benelli USA

September 25, 2019

If you’re an avid waterfowl hunter, you know the quality of the shotgun you carry matters. Fast reloading, durability, and overall weight are factors that play a part in which brand you choose to bring along for the hunt. Benelli USA is a known favorite of hunters for their line of shotguns that are able to function great in poor, harsh weather. Even the original Italian brothers who started the brand were hunting enthusiasts, driven to create the most functional and reliable shotgun on the market. Many today argue that they succeeded. If you’re looking for a new shotgun for hunting season, look no further than Benelli. There are an assortment of features that make Benelli shotguns stand out from competitors that new and seasoned waterfowlers alike will love.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Inertia-Driven Operating System
In 1967, the Benelli brothers worked with designer Bruno Civolani, who developed a patented Inertia-Driven system. The bolt mechanism provided the right amount of momentum, and it quickly surpassed the speed of gas-powered shotguns. A majority of Benelli semi-automatic shotguns continue to use this system, helping to reduce recoil and quicken road time. This makes them ideal for the rapid nature of waterfowl hunts. If you are looking to increase your accuracy, practice targets are great for doing that. Click this link to find out more:

Designed for Rough Handling
If there’s one thing about fowl hunting, it’s that it’s a dirty job. As you make your way into marshland and frozen fields, you may wind up using your gun for more than it was made to do—breaking up ice, as a support, or pushing down brush. Benelli shotguns are built to handle just about anything you can throw at them. There is no need to be delicate with one of these. Even when dropped in the mud and water, tossed in the bed of your truck, and used for hours on end, Benelli USA will keep on chugging. Plus, once you’re back at camp or home, they’re amazingly easy to disassemble for cleaning. You’ll be able to break your gun down in seconds to clean out the muck and grime so it’s ready to go for the next outing. There are dozens of instructional videos on how to break Benellis down if you’re unfamiliar.

Lightweight Design
While out in the field, the last thing you need is a heavy gun weighing on your shoulder. Once the aches start, it’s tough to get rid of them, especially when it’s bitterly cold. At only eight pounds (or less depending on the model), Benelli shotguns are easy to carry and make walking around a much simpler task. Once you’re ready to head back home, carrying your gear and birds is already enough. With a lightweight Benelli, you’ll wonder why you ever used a heavy shotgun.

Chosen as Ducks Unlimited’s Shotgun of the Year, the Benelli Super Black Eagle III is one of the most popular shotguns of 2019. Of Benelli’s guns, other popular models include the Super Black Eagle II, as well as the M2 and Ethos. You can find Benelli USA firearms at an authorized dealer like Omaha Outdoors to get your equipment ready for the next hunting season.

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