Repairing The Irrepairable: Keep Your Home Moving With Your Own Two Hands

February 11, 2020

Most people are well aware of the lengths that modern manufacturers will go to stop their customers from making repairs on their goods. Weird construction methods, stickers with warnings of voided warranties, and screws and other fittings which don’t work with normal tools have all been used by companies to make it harder for people to access the insides of the items they buy. Of course, though, once your warranty is out of date and you’ve had a machine for a while, it can often be much cheaper to repair the thing for yourself. To help you out with this, this post will be showing you how to repair the irreparable.

Service Manuals/Tear Downs

The first part of the challenge you face will be understanding which part of the machine has broken. In some cases, this will be nice and easy, and you may even be able to see the part which has had a fault. In others, though, it can be much harder, and you may need the help of a service manual or tear down video before you can even break your way into the machine. It’s worth being careful when you take something like this apart, with many of the components often being small and fragile.

The Tools & Spare Parts

Once you have an idea of what needs to be fixed, it will be time to start looking for the tools and parts you’ll need to fix it. Options like LG refrigerator parts can be found all over the web, making it surprisingly easy to get your hands on what you need. It’s worth being careful with this, as some appliances will have extremely similar parts but they won’t be compatible. Alongside this, you may also need to get your hands on some tools, and this is something else you should research as much as you can. Security screws are very common on modern appliances, and you will need a set of drivers to be able to take them out.
Making The Repair

The final part of this process is often the most daunting. Making the repair itself shouldn’t be too hard, as long as you’ve spent enough time learning what you’ll have to do to make it. Appliances aren’t built to be taken apart, and this means that you often have to go through awkward complex procedures to be able to get inside them. There will almost always be videos on sites like YouTube which can guide you through this, and companies like IFixIt have dedicated themselves to providing repair manuals for the machines and devices found in modern homes. It will be harder to find resources like this for older tools, though this is something most people will expect.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to start making repairs. It can be very expensive when you have to buy new appliances all the time, and most people want to avoid spending money on things like this as much as they can. Of course, though, you need to be willing to work if you’re going to take this approach with success.

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