Tips for Cold Weather Vacations

March 3, 2020

I'm a winter lover! That's right, I live in Georgia but I LOVE the cold! Not that I really get to see it that often! So why am I exactly writing a post about "Tips for Cold Weather Vacations", maybe it's just wishful thinking? We are however planning a little family getaway soon and need to be prepared with some warm winter products.

1) Pick the perfect jacket. Winter jackets can be bulky and take up lots of room when packing, especially if it's a family trip. So make sure it's a jacket you really like and that it's comfortable. It also needs to be something that is color friendly and will match all the other clothing items you will be wearing.

2) Boots are a must. I recommend packing boots that grip the ice for safety reasons. They are really helpful when walking on snow or ice and can also help save you from a fall. Cozy Winters is one of our top picks and offers winter products for everyone in your family.

3) Plan to layer your clothing for warmth. This about taking items like hoodies, winter vests, and electric socks. As before make sure these items are comfortable and enjoy wearing.

4) Pack enough clothing for the amount of time you will be there and try not to overpack. You might want to consider seeing if the place you are staying offers laundry service or a place you can wash and dry your own clothing.

Most of all have fun and don't stress. Enjoy your time on this adventure! Take lots of photos, make great memories and bring home a souvenir or 3!

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  1. Thank you very much for these perfect tips! 1v1 lol

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