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June 2, 2020

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Our bodies change so much over the years, and this can sometimes be frustrating. Just as we get comfortable in our own skin, something changes. It could be grey hairs, a wrinkle or you’ve noticed you aren’t as toned as you used to be. Or maybe after childbirth, you have worked hard to get back into shape, but you don’t look the way you used too. It’s really common to be worried about our appearance; however, you need to embrace what you have and own it. You are beautiful, inside and out.

Some people will go as far as getting cosmetic procedures done, however before you take drastic measures which might not give you the results that you want, why not look to making a few small changes that will help you get the most out your looks and gain more confidence too?

Your face is one of the first things people notice. Usually, they will focus on your eyes and your smile. So having a clean set of teeth is essential. It’s pretty easy to keep a good oral hygiene routine at home, but lifestyle and age can dull the look of our teeth, and this can make us feel less confident about smiling. While many people don’t like their smile, showing your pearly whites makes others feel more attracted to us. It lifts our face, makes the most of our cheekbones and even puts a sparkle in our eyes. Keeping your teeth in excellent condition by making regular trips to the dentist. If you decide to take the plunge and get them whitened then make sure you maximise the results with teeth whitening aftercare. Then, smile more!

Your skin is continually changing. When we hit our teens, we might experience acne, as we hit our twenties and this subsides we produce less collagen, and our cells start to regenerate slower. The result? Dullness and sagging, followed by the dreaded wrinkles! Hydration is critical for keeping your face glowing and your skin in top condition. It will help slim the look of your face too. Using products to help keep wrinkles at bay can become expensive, however, if you are going to purchase anything, invest in a good quality moisturiser. Bee Venom is a natural toxin that causes your skin to react in a similar way to botox. You can find beautifully light moisturisers that use this venom and will give your face a tighter look and help reduce the first signs of ageing.

The shape of our body is something we need to learn to accept. No matter how hard we try, if we are naturally pear or apple-shaped, then that is what we have to work with. All shapes of body are beautiful, but you need to know how to dress to enhance your shape. If you look at women with an hourglass figure and buy the clothes that they wear, then you might end up drawing the focus away from your best asset.

It’s essential that you start to love what you have. Before you make any changes, you need to find peace within yourself and realise that there are lots of people who would love a body like yours. Ask yourself what part of your body you love the most? Is it your legs, your stomach or your bum? Then start drawing your focus there. We can become a little blind of our good bits as we focus so much on the areas we don’t like. So start working on your relationship with your body, by being a little more kind and stop comparing yourself to other people - they will have their own issues too.

Hydration and exercise are critical. Not only does exercise lift your mood, but it will start to tone your muscles which will enhance your figure. You don’t have to be dramatic, taking one 30 minute walk every day can make the difference. Hydration will help flush out toxins and reduce bloating, so ensure you drink plenty of fluids every day. Water retention can make a massive change to our body shape and while it may sound counter-intuitive, drinking more water means you retain less.

Finally, tame your mane! Making an effort with your hair can make all the difference to how you feel about your looks. It frames your face and can make you feel lighter when you walk. So give yourself enough time to perfect your locks and then go out and conquer the world!

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