What Can & Can't A Rhinoplasty Fix

June 19, 2020

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In many instances, people will seek out surgery to fix physical deformities for reasons related to medical conditions, physical pain, or cosmetics. One of the most common forms of such plastic surgery is a Rhinoplasty, more frequently known as a nose job, which is a common surgery on the nose.

These surgeries, performed by trained plastic surgeons, can address a whole array of problems. Furthermore, rhinoplasties can do much more than making your nose look smaller, as they can address an entire array of physical problems associated with your nose. Indeed, they are often medically necessary in order to reduce health problems and increase someone's quality of life.

If you are interested in a Rhinoplasty, you should make sure that you know what you are getting into. As such, here are some items that a Rhinoplasty can and cannot fix.

What Can A Rhinoplasty Fix

As time has gone on, the ability of skilled plastic surgeons to fix a wide array of nose problems via a Rhinoplasty has improved. Among the factors a Rhinoplasty can fix are:
  • Size & shape of the nose: One of the more common reasons that people will have a rhinoplasty is purely cosmetic. Many people have noses that appear too large, are angled strangely or are disproportional to the size of their face. Furthermore, many individuals who have rhinoplasties have concerns with smaller features of their faces, including bumps on their nose or the size of their nostrils. Concerns over the projection size of one's nose are relatively common as well. A skilled surgeon can adjust the size and shape of a person's nose, including adjusting the cartilage at the bottom of the nose or the bone at the top.
  • Breathing problems: It goes without saying that the size and shape of your nose is one of the most important organs when it comes to breathing. Unfortunately, a variety of breathing problems originate in someone's nose and are caused by structural problems within the nose. A rhinoplasty can physically repair your nose in order to create better airflow and allow you to breathe easier.
  • Structural damage or trauma: Nose injuries are relatively common and often the result of blunt trauma or an accident. They are particularly common among sports players as well. They are often more than just a mere "inconvenience" and can cause serious problems with pain, sleeping, eating, talking, and breathing. Furthermore, a noise injury can cause significant swelling or twisting of a nose. A rhinoplasty can repair this damage and help someone recover from the various physical effects of a nose injury.
  • Deviated septum: A deviated septum is what it is called when the cartilage and bone that divides your nasal cavity is bent or crooked. This can cause a variety of problems associated with your sense of smell and taste, as well as your ability to breathe. Rhinoplasty can address this problem and recenter your deviated septum, alleviating the problems associated with it.

What Can't A Rhinoplasty Fix

Unfortunately, as good as Rhinoplasties have become, they are not cure-alls and simply cannot fix every problem associated with someone's nose or face. As such, here are some items which cannot be fixed by rhinoplasty:
  • All structural problems: A Rhinoplasty can do amazing things to someone's nose, but it can only fix problems associated with the nose itself. If the physical problems of someone's face are associated with someone's face, not their nose, it is beyond the ability of a Rhinoplasty to fix. This can happen if someone's facial bones or cheeks are asymmetrical.
  • Other facial features: Oftentimes, someone may look to get a Rhinoplasty in order to fix their side profile, fearing that their nose is too prominent or otherwise less than pleasing from an aesthetic perspective. However, it's important to remember that a Rhinoplasty's impact is confined to your nose. Other profile features, including the prominent of your chin, cannot be directly impacted by a Rhinoplasty. Indeed, it is possible that Rhinoplasty will have an impact on other facial features by calling more or less attention to them. However, a good plastic surgeon will be able to walk you through those concerns and ensure that these issues are addressed.
  • Vision problems: Some people mistakenly believe that Rhinoplasty can address vision problems, either by reducing the size of your nose or altering your face so that your vision is improved. This is not true. Indeed, on a temporary basis, the opposite is the case, as individuals who have a Rhinoplasty will often report difficulty seeing immediately after the surgery. Fortunately, these impacts are temporary; they are caused by a swelling of the eyelids and eyes after surgery.
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