The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Spring Cleaning Your Property For The Year Ahead

February 19, 2021


Spring is on its way, and although we are still facing Lockdowns and restrictions, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, it may now be time to start looking to adding a little touch of Spring to your home. 

There is no time like the present; after all, you do have the time to roll up your sleeves and add a little sparkle, which could also help you lift your spirits. 

5 Top Tips To Add A Little Sparkle To Your Home.

So, where do you start, inside or out?

Well, that, I guess, is dependant on the weather and where you live.

However that shouldn’t stop you in your tracks, there will be plenty to do inside and out to get your home ready for Spring and Summer.

Tip One: De-Cluttering

You could start by de-cluttering your home, clearing your rooms, and getting rid of all the items you’ve been procrastinating about parting company, with during the last few months. It’s time for a clean sweep and looking for some positivity. So, sort through your wardrobes, and make some space for your Spring and Summer wardrobe. You could even make a little extra cash, mainly if you resell your items online during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

Tip Two: Sprucing Up The Outside

Try not to spend all of the time indoors; step outside. You could venture out and start by looking at your garden, decking, and the exterior of your home. It could be a perfect time to do some weeding, plant some flowers, or tidy and clean the outside of your property by adding a little color. You could also consider cleaning, soft washing, or repainting the exterior to give you and your home some self-love and care.

Tip Three: Jobs To Do During Lockdowns, Restrictions, and Quarantine.

Here are a few easy jobs to help Spring Clean during Covid-19:

Tip Four: Homemade Cleaning Products That Work

You could spend some time making homemade cleaning products. It could be a family project, and you may even be able to share ideas and recipes with family and friends. You will also be adding to a greener way of living, and protecting the planet all at the same time. 

Tip Five: Cleaning For Mental Well-being

You may now be feeling the strain of restrictions during the current pandemic, but don’t give up hope. Cleaning and organizing your home is a great way to keep yourself active, and your mind focused on healthy thinking strategies to help you cope, and support your mental well-being and health.

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