Christmas Gifting Tips For Growing Kids

November 30, 2021

Gifting children cash vouchers loses its charm because they don’t know what money can do up until they reach a certain age. Also, they have no use of money because the parents provide everything that is necessary for their lives. Instead, use our gifting tips to give them the best Christmas gifts.

  1. Coloring Sets and Painting Kits: Bring out the inner artist of your child by gifting them an arts and crafts set. If they love to paint, get them a coloring book and paints to go with. There are different forms of such books and sets that involve glass painting, fabric painting, quilling, knitting, embroidery and many more forms of crafts.

  2. A Desk With Storage: Once kids start growing up, you need to make them feel enthusiastic about academia or else they’ll treat it as a drag. Big girl or boy things include some new furniture and a kids desk with storage makes a great gifting option. There are many options available depending on your budget, space available and size constraints. It is a worthy investment as it can be used for a long time.

  3. A Collection of Fun Books: There is no better habit in the world than teaching your child to develop the habit of reading early on. It doesn’t have to start off as boring; there are many amazing authors that write for children that your kids would love. Enid Blyton’s collection, Nancy Drew or even the Goosebumps thrillers are a few of the favorites one can start with. Better yet, if you know what genre your child is drawn towards the most, a little online research will help you come up with an amazing set of gifts.

  4. A Trip to their Favorite Amusement Park: Family time is something kids appreciate a lot while they are young, so enjoy it while they think of you as their superheroes! Booking a day out to their favorite amusement park will be a delight they will remember for a long time after it's over. There are several offers and packages that you can avail of if you make your booking well in advance! We’re sure you’ll all have a field day exploring the rides and various fixtures.

  5. Take them on a Parent-child Date: Children need to learn early on how to set healthy standards, especially when they’re growing up. So many children set the bar low as to how they deserve to be treated, and it is our responsibility as parents to show them exactly how much they mean. Taking the time to go out on parent-child dates will reinforce the bond you all have as a family, instilling a feeling of support and unconditional love that they can count on you for everything. When it's their time to go on dates, they will remember the way they were treated by you to know how to walk away from red flags or less than what they deserve.

Wrapping Up:

These gifts will be much more appreciated than snack coupons because they all provide a specific experience and a chance to build core memories. We hope this blog sparked some more ideas for you!

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