Pros and Cons Of Apartments That Are Furnished

March 24, 2022

Thinking of finally moving out or moving on to a new location? Are you looking at san francisco ca apartments for rent but don't know where to start? There are plenty of things to consider when you are looking for your new home such as location, your budget, and amenities. You can also select one option to alienate and that would be having the place furnished! Many properties offer furnished apartments, which is a great way to help first-time renters who are on a strict budget. Buying furniture for an apartment can be extremely expensive so that can help eliminate cost. Below are a few tips to consider to help you decide the amount of furniture you want when it comes to renting an apartment and the pros and cons to having it. 

  1. How Much Furniture Is there? This is the first question you’ll want to look into when it comes to furnished apartments. There actually are differences within units. Some units offer just a few basic things such as abed, kitchen table, sofa and dresser while others offer much more. The more furnished ones can offer various decor, lamps, curtains and more which might seem more enjoyable but can also add to a big fee per month. While you view the apartment, ask the landlord which items are included with the place that you want to move into. You can also ask this question before you even step onto the property too. The sooner you know, the sooner you’ll be able to make a better decision and see if you want to see. 

  1. Pros To Choosing Furnished - Is a furnished unit better than unfurnished? There are a few pros to help you consider this option. The first is that you would not need to have to move any heavy furniture or pack any. This is ideal for renters, especially short-term leases. Moving, in general, is a stressful process because of moving furniture but if you can take that out of the equation, that helps you focus on either finding small decor to personalize it. 

  1. Cons To Choosing Furnished - One of the concerns for people who look at furnished apartments are the costs of damaging the furniture. Spilling wine on your sofa isn’t the best but spilling wine on a sofa in a furnished apartment could result in you not getting a full security deposit back. You’ll have to be very careful of the items and ensure you and guests do your best to have them look their best. It might make you feel apprehensive but you can also see it as a way to keep it clean. Be sure to ask the landlord about the cost of potential damages to the furniture. Similiar, how is the quality of the furniture? The mattress might not be to your comfort level or the couch might not be your personal taste. Ask the landlord if the furniture has been used and how long ago. 

  1. Are There Additional Costs? When it comes to furnished apartments, the landlord has invested in filling the unit with it. The upfront cost does not disappear but as the renter, you will likely pay for it with a higher rent price. You can do some cost-benefit analysis. Compare the monthly rent of the furnished unit with an apartment that is the equal size in the same neighborhood without furniture. This will help you consider how much you would have to pay to purchase any furniture you might still need. If you don’t have much furniture, to begin with, you might want to consider the furnished apartment is probably cheaper and you might consider going that route instead of purchasing it yourself. 

Image: Furnished Apartments Atlanta

Deciding on if you want furnished or not is a personal choice but there is a business that can be there to help answer any of your concerns. If you live in the Atlanta area and looking for a furnished apartment, be sure to call Furnished Apartments Atlanta. The Bricks Perimeter Center in Atlanta  offers comfortable temporary living and each is fully furnished which includes utilities with cable, wifi, and a washer and dryer within your unit. You also have access to a fitness center, pool, and clubhouse. When it comes to furnished apartments,  some a great for some but for others, it might be difficult or pose a bigger conflict then they anticipated. 


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