How to Make the Most Out of Your Solar Panels

April 19, 2022

There is a constant in the adulting world, and that is debit alerts. Why do we still choose to pay electricity bills when the universe blessed us with the gift of the sun? With the aid of some other components, solar panels generate electricity from the sun.

You may have your reservations about solar panels, but the only way you would think the bad outweighs the good is if you haven’t given it enough consideration. This article aims to trigger the careful consideration of solar panels.

Why the Hype Around Solar?

With just the sun and a few components, you can generate electricity for your home or company.  It would help if someone positioned strategically solar panels on a roof, an inverter, and batteries (optional but recommended).

You don't need to understand how these technologies work before deciding to proceed with an installation. If you can find an NRG Clean Power company near you, you must reach for their experts that can handle the process seamlessly.

For the best results, you should let the experts handle the entire project right from buying the panels till the installations are complete. This is why you should work with trustworthy experts. The perks of letting them handle the purchase are that they will know the perfect size of panels suitable for your roof and will probably be able to get them at good, discounted prices. 

Optimizing Your Solar Panels

Call me Captain Obvious, but solar panels work best when getting enough sunlight. So, to optimize solar panels, you need to be very intentional about their positioning; shades or trees should not obstruct them if you can help it. 

Also, you will need an expert’s assessment and opinion about your roof. You will need to find out if it’s durable, what kind and size of panels would be right for it, or if something drastic needs to be done to your roof. Even from this roof inspection, some experts can estimate how many returns you will receive. 

Comparing the Costs

At first look, it may look like going solar instead of sticking to paying electricity bills is a crazy idea, but that is a rather myopic view because, in a few years, you will be getting ROI. You won’t have to pay electricity bills for two decades or more: that is a lot of savings. 

Though it is something you can use solar panels without, it is a crucial component that you should factor into the costs of a battery. Having a battery is like having a power bank; you get to have excess energy, which will come in handy later on stored away till it’s needed. 

There is also the net metering way of getting electricity when you have run out of it. Using this method, you can divert your excess solar energy to the grid to be used by other houses, and when you are out of solar energy, you can get it from the grid for free. 


Do away with the myopic view that paying electricity bills is more economical. If you spend over a thousand dollars on electricity bills in a year, it is time to switch sides. Also, to encourage more people to use solar, the government has put all sorts of incentives to take advantage of this.

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