5 Tips to Stay On Top Of Everything At Home

October 30, 2023

You know that looking after your home is one of the cornerstones of a healthy and happy environment, but you also know that staying on top of everything can be a challenge, and that could be putting it lightly. It’s too easy to let things get away from you at home, and eventually, even the smallest chores feel insurmountable. So what can you do? Here is some advice to help you stay on top of everything at home. 

Start Tracking Your Time 

Time tracking is an effective way to stay on top of everything. Just like it can benefit you at work to help you maintain your productivity, it’s also ideal for your housework. 

When you track your time, you can see how much you get done in a specific chunk of the hour, which can give you a better idea of how long the entire process takes. By time-tracking everyday chores, you might find they are not as laborious as you think, which can change your attitude and approach towards them and make you more productive around the house. 

Tackle Tricky Chores First

There are many chores you don’t want to do, but you need to complete them if you want to keep the household in perfect order. Thinking of your most hated household chores and tackling them before anything else is an excellent way to get them out of the way. Often, the hardest part is starting them, so you will feel more like tackling everything else once you’ve done this and you might even feel motivated to carry on.

Make Lists 

Lists are another way to help you stay on top of everything and ensure you don’t forget essentials, such as defrosting tonight’s dinner or clearing out the organic garbage. Use your lists to segment different chores for different days so you always have something to do. You can also use supplements like Fladrafinil solution to improve your memory and avoid any forgetfulness that might cause you to fall behind on your chores or other errands. 

Multitask Whenever You Can

Multitasking can risk distractions, but you can also use it more effectively. Taking productive breaks is essential for managing time and preventing burnout during chores. Besides, you need to sit down and eat eventually. So, instead of doing everything without a break, try taking ten minutes to relax while doing something else. Put the laundry on or fold clothes fresh out of the dryer to feel you’re doing something without running around. 

Reset Before Bed 

Every household should make sure the home is reset before they go to bed. This means it should look as it did when you woke up. Resetting before you go to bed means you don’t wake up to a sink full of dishes or bits of food all over the counter. You can also put everything you need out for tomorrow, such as your coffee mugs and anything you need for work or what your kids need for school. 

On Top 

While it can feel like you’ll never finish the housework, these tips should give you the foundation to change your approach. Even better, you shouldn't have to do it all alone, so don’t be afraid to rope your partner and kids into doing their share of the chores.

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