Where Are The Security Vulnerabilities Of Your Household?

January 5, 2024

Most people want to feel safe in their homes. Of course, it’s where we should feel the most safe on this planet. If you can’t feel safe in your home, where can you? But this isn’t always guaranteed. Moreover, sometimes you can feel safe, but that feeling can betray how secure you are. That’s why it’s important to confirm the security measures you have in your house, from the locks you have on the doors and windows, to the privacy protections you implement to make sure your home doesn’t become a target for theft.

Yet the most obvious elements of home security - locks on the doors, window shutters, and making sure the home is shut up tight before you leave for work each day, aren’t always enough. It’s smart to consider where you’re most vulnerable and take a few steps to prevent access that way. You don’t need to be overbearing with this approach of course, but peace of mind can be achieved by checking items from your list and returning back to your joyful life.

So, let’s help you with that process:

Unsecured Entry Points

While your doors and windows may be secured, could it be that other areas of your household are easier to access? For example, if you have a basement with a hatch leading down to the entrance, poor security might provide access. In addition, weaker or older garage doors may be easy to force, especially with a specialist tool. It’s why specialists often recommend renewed garage door installation to make sure the space is as secure as it can be, while also ensuring the lifting mechanism is operable when you need it, be that through a remote or pulley system.

Hidden Avenues, Ladders & Platforms

If a small avenue or ginnel runs across the side of your household, it may be that fencing off this area with a strong border can help people climbing over without being seen, especially at night. In addition, it’s important to consider if your household can be accessed from the raised platforms of other properties. In this cases, a wooden trellis and climber plants can provide a nice fence between the properties without affecting the visual style that much, or blocking out natural sunlight through your windows. 

On top of that, consider how you store items around the garden. It might be that a ladder laying in your garden could, unwittingly, provide access to someone who wants to get in. It’s easy to ignore potential flaws like this as you’re not in the interest of accessing houses you’re not invited to, but those who are can see opportunities like this clearly. 

Weak Or Compromised Doors, Window Frames & Lock

The irony is that you can have a nice front door and nice windows, but if the frames are weak, old or compromised in any way, that may provide an access point to a motivated individual. It might also be that you have standardized and older locks which are less sophisticated in their mechanisms, meaning someone able to pick locks (there are many out there, of course, some professionals), could theoretically gain access.

Having a contractor or locksmith look over each one of your secure points to identify if they need replacing or reformatting is ideal. At the very least, you will have peace of mind, and at the most, you will have a renewed and secured fixture that you didn’t before. On top of this, refitting window frames can have other benefits, like improving insulation and renewing the exterior display of your household.

Absence Of Security Cameras Or Alarms

Now, you don’t need a massive security system with a terminal insight the house replete with monitors and many other modern functions to deter onlookers. But alarms, doorbell cameras, and side camera fittings are now so cheap, functional and subtle, many syncing with your smartphone, that having these in place can be a fantastic investment.

Often, thieves will be on the lookout for these and avoid houses that showcase such defenses. It means even if they were to get to your front door, the motion would have triggered a recording and let you know someone had been there. To say that such an informed functionality can be installed so easily, it’s absolutely worth doing. Even false units can give the same impression, though of course you have no backup utility ro rely on with these.

With this advice, we hope you can better assess the security of your household, notice the vulnerabilities, and refit those for ultimate protection.

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