Considering Surrogacy

You’ve run a river of tears and you’ve argued and beaten against the doctors, but the fact has settled that you are not able to have children on your own. The doctors have tried to help but your options have changed and they’re now limited.

Or so you thought!

There are more options, even if it wasn't glaringly obvious at first. Not only could you speak to the experts at Advanced Fertility Center, you could start looking into other avenues, like surrogacy. Some parents don't consider surrogacy as an option, no matter which route to take. The thing is, there are tons of reasons that you should both consider surrogacy, and we have put together a few reasons that you should consider using the help of a surrogate mother.

You’re A Same-Sex Couple 
If you’re both men, a donated egg and a surrogate can give you your dream. If you’re both women, you could choose to use your own eggs and a sperm donor and the help of a surrogate mother to give you the baby you’re dying to have. Same-sex couples often need the help of a surrogate as they are unable to go it alone.

You’re Older Than You’d Hoped
If the doctors have told you that you can’t have children, and you’ve spent years trying, age can push you out of the limits that most clinics have for IVF. Surrogacy could be an option to still use your own eggs, and it’s a good way to have a baby that is genetically yours.

You Want Your Genetics In The Mix
Modern families today have the chance to make their own personal choices. Adoption is expensive, lengthy and not for everyone, so surrogacy makes sure that you get your genetics in the mix.

Medicine Says No
When you want to start a family but you are born without a uterus, you’re immediately at a disadvantage. It’s the fundamental thing to have to carry your own child, and it’s a condition known as MRKH, affecting one in twelve thousand women. A surrogate can still carry a child that’s genetically yours, though.

Cancer & Other Conditions
There are some medical conditions that put your fertility at risk. Surrogacy is the white flag of rescue when you want to have a family and can’t make one of your own.

Unfortunately, there is still stigma that surrounds surrogacy, but there are so many great reasons to go for it if you can’t carry your baby. Every single person who wants to become a parent deserves that chance, and you deserve to have the family that you so desperately want. Surrogacy offers you the way into a new life for you and your partner, and it allows you to choose whether you have a child that carries your own genetics.

This is a huge decision, so take your time and do your research. You will never regret a baby of your own, no matter the route on which you take to get there.

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