How to Start Your Streaming Career in 2020?

July 27, 2020

Today if you are a gamer and enjoy the occasional gaming, it has probably crossed your mind the interest of becoming a streamer or a content creator.

The industry is rapidly growing, and with new giants like Esports and streaming platforms, it is no secret that something is going on. Many content creators and live gamers are living their lives on their revenue from playing games. And it is not precisely a lesser life that they live.
You can view videos now in which some streamers get more than four figures on a single donation. It is mind-boggling, and most are not even aware of why this has become such a trend. For example, if you tell an older person that you are watching someone who is gaming live, they would probably be awe-struck.

In this article, we will highlight some of the important things when you start your streaming career.

Why Should You Start Your Streaming Career?

We still play the games that we watch being played. However, there is something about either skill or personality that we like when we watch other people. Besides, people see the time and effort a particular person has put in that game, and they want to support it through donations, subscriptions, advertisements, and more.

People fancy that life of playing games all day and getting paid while doing so. However, the average streamer's life is not as easy as people believe. There is a lot of time and effort going into this work. Also, you have to be streaming a reasonable amount of time per day. You can't just hop on and stream for 20 minutes.

It Takes Time

Nevertheless, if you decide to pick up making videos or live streaming, you need to know these things. The industry is over-packed with hungry, ambitious, and new streamers, which will be extremely difficult to push through. But the main things are you got to be persistent after all Rome wasn't built in a day.

Based on what other streamers say, you need to be original to succeed. They believe that new streamers are becoming too generic and react and talk based on what they think is right the right way to act. However, they say to indeed be successful is to be yourself, not just another face or persona.
Look at the most influential content creators, they are all unique to a certain point and have something special that differentiates them from others. They all have certain traits that we come to appreciate and love.

After you've decided to start and orient yourself on the things stated above, the next thing is gear. You have to treat streaming as a business, and as a business, you need to make your customers happy.

Buy the Necessary Equipment

This means that you have to invest in gear. It means having the most high-quality equipment as possible. Your microphone, your camera, your machines, your headphones, they all need to be top performers in their class. Even though a streamer is very likable, the low quality of the stream destroys his or her career.

The gear you choose is going to make all the difference. Even if your budget is extremely low, choose the quality of quantity. Choose a good computer and a microphone but wait for the camera or the other way around. Don't rush into buying cheap gear because you might risk of people remembering you for poor quality. Put off streaming until you have the proper gadgets. This was not a big deal before because there weren't many streamers, and many of them didn't have high-quality equipment.

Making Money With Streaming

When you have a more significant following, the next thing is to be careful of advertisements and partner opportunities. You might have a good thing on your hands, but be careful not to ruin it with unnecessary, repetitive ads.

A big mistake that new streamers make is that they rush into deals just if they were a quarterback in the NFL odds, running for a touchdown.

You should not get into contracts that you cannot get out of. Keep streaming until you have reached a big enough audience, and you will have negotiating power.

Lastly, keep at it. Most streamers quit after a few months of streaming-only for their friends. Quality and personality are essential, so pick the right gear, invest, and be yourself. Consider streaming for longer hours, and avoid 20-minute streams. Furthermore, think about getting a designer or design your self to make your stream pop off and your templates unique. Your audience is your family, so treat them with respect, and you would easily be successful at streaming.

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