Starting a LifeStyle Blog

July 10, 2020

Deciding to start a lifestyle blog is relatively easy and in my personal opinion can cover a wide variety of subjects. But when it comes to setting up the actual blog is when the real work begins. There is a lot to do to get it up and running, but your efforts and insight will be worth it in the end. In the beginning, I visited lots of other bloggers pages to get a feel for what other bloggers were writing about and how I wanted my blog to look. I am sharing a few tips that I found to be helpful along the way in my journey.

What is a Lifestyle Blog?

A lifestyle blog is simply a blog where you can write about things going on in your life! It can be very general or can focus on one aspect of your life (like family or general hobbies you enjoy) with some other content mixed in every now and then. It’s really a wide-open option, which is why I recommend it! It is usually highly personalized and very relatable to your readers. There are really no set rules and you are pretty much free to share as much as you fill comfortable with about things and products you enjoy.

Choose Your Niche

In choosing your niche you will pick what subject you would personally like to cover. Regardless of how many categories you want to explore and write about, you still must have a specific niche. One of the good things about lifestyle blogging is that it covers a wide range of topics and experiences. Blogging about what you’re interested in is very important and ensures that you will always have a topic to cover. Sharing your life experiences is a great way to context with your target readers an build an allowing of engaged readers.

It's all in the name

The domain name you choose will be the address of your website. It will also be the name you use on all your social platforms and is what identifies you as you. You will want to consider and remember the weight of this when you choose the name of your lifestyle blog. You will want it to be something short, catchy, and easy to remember. Make it easy to spell and to pronounce for your readers, it will also help if it is unique and brandable. 

Write Blog-Worthy Posts

The more relatable your writing is to your readers the better. Making your blogs informative, fun to read, and shareable is a key to success. Write about things that appeal to your audience and that you also enjoy. It needs to be relatable and something you enjoy or you will never stick with it. You will also need to be consistent in your writing. No, this doesn't mean you have to publish every day but creating a schedule is important and will keep your readers coming back for more. 

These are just a few tips on starting a lifestyle blog that I found helpful. Regardless of the fact, if you’re starting a blog to express your thoughts or to generate income, always aim for a successful blog. Happy blogging friends!

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