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April 8, 2017

Samples of the products discussed here were provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.

As a child growing up in south Georgia my family raised pigs. So, it's safe to say I grew up eating lots of pork products. It was a staple item that most of our meals contained in one way or another. My family was thrilled to be working with Circle B Ranch and receive a sampling of some of their best products. Everything arrived very well packaged with ice packs and in a timely manner. Everything is fresh and made in small batches so they are able to have better control over the quality and flavor. You can really taste the difference in each of these items. The quality of the meat is excellent, and the pork was raised humanely. Keep in mind these are just a few of the items offered by Circle B Ranch, visit their webpage to find out more information today.

Cooking lard has many practical uses in the kitchen. It can replace cooking oil in the fryer, serve as a substitute for shortening in pastry dough, or even be an alternative to butter.

The hormone- and antibiotic-free cooking lard from Circle B Ranch comes from pasture raised, humanely raised animals, and it is safe for whatever meal you have in mind. Contrary to some beliefs, there is no pork taste in Circle B Ranch’s cooking lard. Whether you are preparing a pie with an extra flaky crust, or cooking crispy fried chicken for the family, you can feel confident that this cooking lard will not bring hormones or antibiotics to your meal.

Order some Open Kettle Non-Hydrogenated Lard today and see the difference that using lard without BHT or preservatives can make in your meals!
Fully Rendered, Ready to use.
No BHT, No Water, Non-hydrogenated lard
Gluten Free. No Preservatives.
Keep Refrigerated or frozen
No Preservatives. GLUTEN Free
Hogs were never fed ractopamine

What can you say about these Hot Dogs!! Bigger and better than ever. Healthy for you and Nitrite Free… Natural Casing. We use a natural pork casing and the hot dog snaps when you bite into it.
The pork has been humanely raised, antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed, seasoned with paprika, sea salt, celery powder, and love. The highest quality pork lends a smoky, rich dimension. No nitrates, fillers, or artificial ingredients. We make these hot dogs so you do not feel guilty feeding them to your family.

We start with Humanely Raised and Antibiotic Free Ground Pork. Our Fresh Berkshire German Sausage is lightly seasoned with salt and pepper which creates a delicately flavored sausage.
From sausage and peppers, to meaty lasagna, our German Sausage can be used in wide variety of traditional and modern dishes.

Circle B Ranch takes Breakfast seriously. We start with Humanely Raised and Handled Berkshire Pork and that is why our Breakfast sausage is Delicious. Sautee in a frying pan or cook in the oven. Take the sausage out the casing for sausage gravy.

8 links per package-1 lb. package

Sometimes, simple is best, and when you are rushing to put dinner together and get everyone on their way, Marina’s Italian Style Tomato Sauce can really come in handy.

Whether you are cooking a scrumptious lunch for one, or you are making dinner for all of your friends and family, you can always count on Marina’s Italian Style Tomato Sauce to be a big crowd pleaser. Inspired by real, Old World Italian tastes, like fresh, ripe tomatoes and olive oil, even the pickiest eaters will enjoy Marina’s tomato sauce.

Order a jar today and serve over your favorite pastas or add in some Marina’s Italian Style meatballs or Circle B Ranch Hot or Sweet Italian sausage to make a truly amazing Sunday Sauce!

No added preservatives, no corn syrup and no tomato paste. Handcrafted by hand in small batches with great natural ingredients.

Marina’s Italian Style Meatballs - $8.99
Marina’s Italian Style Meatballs are meant to go with Marina’s Tomato Sauce. They are made with Berkshire Pork and Missouri Beef. Marina’s Meatballs are fully cooked and ready for your next meal. They have an old-fashioned homemade appearance. Why make meatballs from scratch when you can have Marina’s Italian Style Meatballs? Working mothers and fathers find these to be an easy and healthy dinner for their family. Children and parents alike love the taste of these meatballs.

One pound pack has eight generous size meatballs. They are well packed and made with spices that linger and deepen with each bite.

Simple Ingredients such as pork, beef, eggs, bread, romano cheese, salt, garlic powder, black pepper and parsley.

Looking for a delicious pear ginger chutney? Look no further than Marina’s Pear Ginger Chutney. Use this chutney with your favorite cheese, stir it into yogurt in the morning. Make a great accompaniment for pork, ham or turkey. You can make a delicious glaze for your ham by applying it the last few minutes. Or why not enjoy it with ice cream?

10 ounces of delicious chutney! GLUTEN FREE
Marina’s Gourmet Cranberry Chutney is a delicious, sweet chutney that can be enjoyed by just about anyone.
If you are tired with the conventional chips and dip or same old boring veggie trays, Marina’s Cranberry Chutney can bring new life and zest to your next gathering. This fresh, sweet chutney is made from whole cranberries and oranges and just the right touch of spice. Serve up this gourmet chutney for your guests to enjoy on pork, chicken or turkey or with goat cheese or baked brie. There’s no wrong choice for this tangy chutney!

-Naturally Gluten Free, No Soy or Dairy
-Simple Ingredients including tomatoes, organic garlic and onion powder
-No caramel coloring, no preservatives or artificial colors
-Low in Sugar. No High Fructose Corn Syrup. Sweetened with Honey and Sugar.
-Low in Sodium
-Low in Calories
-Use on hamburgers, hot dogs or any of your favorite recipes.

Made in the United States. Made in Small batches

Thick and Rich. Sweet and Spicy!! This BBQ Sauce makes a mouth-watering addition to burgers, ribs and off course pulled pork. Watch the looks of astonishment on your friends’ and families faces when you tell them it is handmade with all natural ingredients!

Slather it on ribs, stir it into pulled pork or enjoy it on your favorite BBQ chicken recipe.

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