Part 2 Nutro Dry + Wet Dog Food 30 day challenge from Chewy #ChewyInfluencer GIVEAWAY

April 16, 2017

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Welcome to Part 2 of the Nutro Dry + Wet Dog Food 30 day challenge from Chewy. Just in case you need a recap - Our family was sent the 2 products below from Chewy. Both of our furry buddies loved it from the 1st bite. We had no issues at all with the transition from their old food. We are now about 15ish days into the new program.

As I stated in my part 1 post-Tom (black) has skin issues. He gets very itchy skin and is allergic to fleas. Even though he is on flea medication we all know it takes a few hours to work. When he gets a flea on him and it bites Tom scratches....but who wouldn't? Tom is also on Prednisone. If you know anything about this medication it makes you gain weight....but we don't like to talk about that. One thing I've noticed the most about Tom since he has been on the Nutro Dry + Wet Dog Food is less hair loss. In the photo above you can see that his hair is inner than his brother Jerry (brown). Tom also does not have that corn chip smell that came from his skin before from the constant licking he would do. As for Jerry, his coat has more of a shiny and less shedding also.

Their bathroom habits have also changed. I went from letting them have a constant supply of their old food to feeding them 3 times a day. The main reason for this was the sneaky cats preferred the new dog food too! Anyway back to bathroom habits! Both Tom and Jerry have ALWAYS been pooping machines. They eat, the poop - it's a never ending cycle. What I did notice is their poop changed. It went from a light color to a darker almost black poop that was less hard. It was still firm but less dry. 

I have also noticed a change in both dogs breath. I don't know if it's because the kibble is smaller and easier for them to chew or if it's because of the limited ingredient food. There have been many times in the past that I have asked them what had they been licking or eating...and waited for an answer. No, I'm not saying they have that sweet smelling puppy breath of years past, but it's not as harsh at it was. 
I hope you all join us next month for the 3rd and last part n this series of post.
Don't forget there is still time to enter to win a large bag of Nutro Dry for your pup too!

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