6 Ideal Patio Ideas For Your Backyard Ideas For Your Backyard

May 16, 2019

Looking to put in a new patio for the summer, but don’t know what to do? Patios can be a big decision because they are permanent. Sometimes deciding on what looks best or fits best is difficult. The outcome though is almost always stunning.

Out of all the ways to build a patio, concrete is the best and most pleasing. And, there are quite a few ways you can make your concrete patio look stunning for the summer.

Traditional Square or Rectangle Patio with plants to accessorize

You can make a simple rectangular or square slab of concrete if you are not looking for an elaborate patio. You can simply decorate your patio instead of having all kinds of intricate patterns in the concrete.

Depending on where you live and where you are looking to place your patio, you can add plants of your choice around the sides, or in different places on your patio. But the plants you will for Vancouver real estate vs. the plant you will use for Phoenix houses are completely different. 

Concrete Patio with a Stone Outdoor Kitchen

You can add an outdoor stone kitchen with stainless steel appliance. Your outdoor kitchen can be built into a hillside, or you can choose to make a sit-down area with it.

Some shapes that are ideal for the sit-down outdoor kitchen is either a U shape or round arc.

Concrete Patio with a Fireplace and Loose Stone

You can build a fireplace and surround it with loose stone. It’s an ideal look for any patio. You can make some cement slabs to accommodate seating, and then surround the seating with loose rock.

You can go all out and add a pergola over your outdoor kitchen or seating area. And, don’t forget to accent the space with plants and landscaping. It will give it a vibrant and natural feel.

Throw in a few garden lights. They make your patio functional at any time, including those late-night cookouts.

Shaped Concrete Patio

Feeling more ambitious? You can take on the more complex patterns of concrete. A lovely shape and ideas to do is creating arcs and circles while leaving gaps in-between to place a loose stone of your choice.

Tinted Concrete Patio

You can tint your concrete from the original light gray to many darker or browner colors. White stone tends to contract the colors and looks great if you pour multiple slabs.

Stone Patio with Fireplace

Stone patios tend to have lots of patterns to them, so decorating doesn't always have to happen. In this design, you can make your patio a circular shape with walkways coming off it. On whichever side you'd like, add a stone wall with a built-in outdoor fireplace or oven.

Add stone seats around the fireplace that you can put cushions of your choice on, or just be able to sit down in.

Add some plants on the back side of your wall if it’s built into a hillside, or just place some on the sides of your patio, and that wraps up your ideal stone patio.


Creating the perfect outdoor space can be challenging. But, depending on your taste and style, there is a design out there that will work for you. The best way to decide is to take some time and explore different ideas. But, the first step is to determine if you want concrete or stone.

Commit to your choice and start searching, your ideal patio is out there. Find it, build it, and start enjoying that outdoor space. 


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