One Stop Shop For All Your Car Needs

May 17, 2019

Now that it’s officially the warmer months in most of the country, many families like myself are planning on long road trips with the kids, driving to playdates and swimming lessons and more! All of these activities for our kids require one thing; our car! The problem is we may not really think of our car is an essential but it is! Must of may feel intimidated by our car, I know I certainly do especially when things go wrong and I need it fixed asap. But who do I call? Who is going to help me quick as well as not hurt my bank account? I have the perfect solution to help you with all your car essentials.

Image: Urban Motor Works

Urban Motor Works is the answer my friend! Who are they? They were created to help body shops adapt to the changing collision environment that we see all the time. Liability on an automotive shop is actually at an all-time high right now and to guarantee quality and safety, Motor Works is there to provide you with the knowledge and start of the art equipment to help you with any repair or concern you may have with your vehicle. The shop is owned by 2 men, Cameran Kelly and Daniel Rohrer. Camera graduated with his BA from The University of South Florida and has been in the collision business for over 14 years, including 6 years as a paint technician and 8 years as an estimator/general manager. He also spent 7 years working with his business partner Dan. Everyone knows that Dan is the true car guru. He graduated as a Master Technician from NASCAR Technical Institute and has over 15 years of experience mastering a variety of repairs including suspension, structural, aluminum, suspension, and mechanical repairs. He is the leading industry with his technical background and IT touch.  

One way that Urban Motor Works puts themselves above the rest is that they will help strengthen your reputation and will guarantee the quality and safety of your vehicle. Not only do they help your own vehicle but they also are there to help smaller shops in the are as well. They work with shops to help maximize their profits by using what's called a sale adjustment technique. This allows you to get around the no markup and or max markup restrictions. UMV creates an advantage by using the estimating software that most hops use to help bill you properly with operational labor times that your insurance companies will approve. They also have low overhead costs which allows them to work with shops on labor rates. The owners of UMV have had years of experience as I stated above, and are extremely successfully blending their work within a collision business. They also spare no expenses when it comes to tools and equipment which we can all appreciate to ensure that your car is getting the highest quality repair. They also guarantee that the quality of their work is at par with the best within their field. They provide training to all of their employees to make sure they are updated on the skills needed to address the ever-changing technology in the car manufacturing industry. They are also a licensed company which has all the necessary certifications to run their facility. With amazing manpower as well as top of the line equipment, they offer a warranty on all of the work they do as well as offer free estimates before you make a decision.

One of my personal favorite things about Urban Motors is their spacious area and reliable service. Did you now that Urban Motor works is the leading company that clients go to when they have a problem with their vehicle and that's because the company offers to cover for different types of cars all at once. They have a work area which allows them to get as many cars possible due to the setup of the space and the technology. It ensures that they can operate and accept more jobs than other body shops in the area. Don’t be alarmed that they feel overwhelmed with all of the cars in and out of the shop because they hire only the best to get the job done correctly. The work area also allows them to not only private clients to work on but commercial clients as well.

So, if you’re planning on those long road trips or the hustle and bustle that the summer offers with you and your kids, you’ll want to make sure your car is up to date with all of its needs. You’d be lucky to take it to Urban Motor for any maintenance needs you need. Make sure to give them a call if you are in the local Atlanta area to have it as your one-stop shop for present and future needs!

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