6 Things To Do With Friends During The Winter Months

October 21, 2019

It can be difficult to find fun and exciting things to do with your friends during the winter months. Summer seems to hold so many possibilities, but winter can be a struggle. It’s cold, it may be snowy and icy, and people simply have less energy during this time. You don’t want to lose touch with your friends, though - so below you’ll find 5 things to do with your friends during the winter months.

1. Head To A Ski Lodge
A ski lodge is the perfect way to spend a winter weekend with your loved ones. This could make the perfect weekend getaway where you can get active and relax all in one trip, catching up and even enjoying a few drinks. Ski lodges aren't usually cheap, but you might be able to find some good deals if you’re willing to book last minute. Just remember that you may want to account for equipment and ski lessons, too!

2. Ice Skating
Ice skating is another fun winter activity - and you don’t need to be an expert to do it. You could all go to beginners classes and learn a new skill, or simply head to an indoor or outdoor rink and see what you can do. There’s something liberating about gliding on the ice with the breeze in your hair. You might find that you want to take lessons afterwards!

3. Go For Classy Drinks
Not every outing you take has to end with somebody losing their belongings or having to be put to bed. Classy drinks are a thing, and they can be a lot of fun too! Why not go to a wine tasting room where there are snacks, too? You could even take your kids and spend a few hours sampling some unique wines. You might even find one nice enough to have at your next dinner party!

4. Treat Yourselves To A Spa Day
Spa days are an awesome way to melt away the stresses of work and everyday life. You can find some great deals on sites like Wowcher and Groupon, but be sure to read the fine print and check out reviews on the spa, first. You don’t even need to have a treatment. You can simply use the pool, sauna, and other facilities to your heart’s content. If you’re feeling extra extravagant, you could have a meal in the spa, and even stay over.

5. Have Regular Games Nights
Regular games nights during winter are the best time to catch up over a game of Monopoly, a bowl of popcorn, and some beers or hot chocolate. Your kids can even get involved so nobody is left out!

6. Host A Crafty Evening
If you and your friends are a creative bunch, why not host a crafty evening? See who can make the best bunting or vase, or do something brand new that you can all learn together!

What will you do with your friends during the winter months? Leave your ideas and suggestions below!

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