Creating A Rustic Atmosphere with Gooseneck Lights

October 15, 2019

Many home and business owners have capitalized on the popularity of vintage, rustic themes to design their spaces. This comes in the form of wood and galvanized steel décor pieces outside of homes, in common areas, and inside restaurants. You’ve likely seen much of this décor style, including gooseneck lights. With long arms that come to a bend, these lights are both iconic and functional, and were often found in barns and farmhouses. As a 20th century fixture, gooseneck lights took a leap beyond that of the traditional sconce. The light itself was able to extend out from the wall to provide much more usable light than a sconce. The revival of vintage influence in today’s interior and exterior design has brought the gooseneck light with it. If you’re trying to create an atmosphere that exudes this 20th century feel at home or in business, here are some ideas to help kickstart your inspiration.

In the Home

There are many different ways in which gooseneck lighting can be used at home. Once you’ve chosen the colors you’d like to use, picking out the style of gooseneck light you want will be easy. For outdoor use, replace your porch lights with these and create the rustic look around them. You can also use these for separate storage sheds and, if applicable, the barns on your property. They’ll offer enough light to move about the area with confidence at night. If you prefer the more urbane appeal of the 20th century, gooseneck lights can more than satisfy. Use these lights alongside pieces inspired by the mid-1900s, like the 40s or 50s, to nail that era’s look.

For Restaurants and Bars

Maybe you’d like to use gooseneck lighting in your restaurant or bar to complete the overall look of it. In restaurants, these are often used along the walls to create a low light, intimate dining experience. Guests will love the vintage look of these, as they help draw people into the theme of your establishment. The same applies for bars and lounges when guests come to enjoy the company of others. If you’ve ever visited a modern day speakeasy bar, you have probably seen gooseneck lights dotting the hallways and seating areas.

Whether you’re designing a space to appear more rustic or vintage modern, gooseneck lights can bring life to your décor, furniture, and overall look of the room or other area. When accentuated against open walls, these lights offer the perfect opportunity for photos around the holidays and special occasions. For restaurants, highlight the ambiance for your guests with these lights affixed in booth seating and other open areas. There are countless ways in which you can use gooseneck lighting, so get to creating the space of your dreams today! 

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