4 Altruistic Professionals For A Career Change

May 20, 2020

Decided that it’s time for a career change? Looking for a role where you can help others make a difference? Well that’s great news! There are many altruistic professions out there where you can give something back and earn a nice salary while you’re at it. 

1 . Public Interest Lawyer

Public interest lawyers work to offer legal services at a reduced rate, or for free, for those who can’t afford such services. The goal is to provide representation for those groups or individuals who are usually underrepresented.

A public interest lawyer might also fight for certain policy changes, or champion civil liberties. It’s in the interests of these lawyers to push for improved consumer rights and environmental protection.

To pursue a new career as a public interest lawyer, you’ll need to take an undergraduate law degree. It’s advisable to take a module in public law, or specialise in a related subject such as politics. On completion of your degree should also look to secure a training contract. Choose a chamber with a high performing public law team.

2. Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineers work by using soil science, chemistry and engineering with the aim of improving environmental issues. As an environmental engineer you’d be researching strategies to reduce ozone depletion and global warming. A typical day would involve analyzing data, providing guidance for government agencies and completing investigation reports. To become a qualified environmental engineer you would need to complete a degree in an engineering based subject. If you prefer, you could also study for a science or environmental degree. Y
ou may want to consider a job as a phase 3 environmental site assessment agent.

3. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists are doctors who diagnose and treat individuals with mental health disorders. Such disorders might include depression, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Psychiatric issues can often stem from physical illnesses, so it’s the role of the psychiatrist to recognise symptoms in both the body and the mind. From here they can come up with a suitable treatment plan for them to partake in a safe comforting environment. Treatments may involve therapy, medication or a combination of the two. To become a psychiatrist, you must first complete a degree in medicine. After completion of your degree, you will be free to pursue a variety of psychiatrist roles. There are many places you can search for these positions online, including Practice Match for open psychiatry positions
If you have the entrepreneurial mindset, could even take the steps to open your own practice and offer services on your terms. It may even be that you have worked for others for a number of years and know exactly how you would go about setting up and operating by yourself. For example, when it comes to treatment rooms, you'll know that this needs to be as comfortable, yet safe, as possible for patients so that they feel able to communicate. Therefore, you might decide to look here to get specialist furniture which can be used by all sorts of patients that you could encounter whilst at work. Plus, being your own boss means that you will get to set your own working hours and be as flexible as you can. 

4 . Social Worker

Social workers work to offer support for families and individuals who are facing challenging times. It’s their job to help vulnerable people by safeguarding these individuals from harm.

Social workers are employed across a variety of settings, their roles overlap with various laws and procedures to support people and the wider community. As a social worker, you might be employed within schools, hospitals, homes or within a voluntary organization. On a daily basis social workers carry out interviews with families or individuals; refer cases to external agencies; come to decisions on behalf of vulnerable people; and conduct assessments as appropriate. You’ll need to take an undergraduate degree in social care to pursue this path.

When you’re planning a career change, you’ve got to get prepared before you take the leap. Returning to education can be challenging, but it is achievable with online degrees or evening courses.

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  1. According to the Professional CV Maker in UAE, there are several professions where you can help others. check out at our top five occupations to help the people.

    1) Teaching and education
    2) Medicine
    3) Nursing
    4) Social work
    5) Emergency services