How to choose the right clip-in hair extensions

January 7, 2021

Clip-in hair extensions are a great choice for adding color, length, and volume to your own hair! They can easily transform your look by making your hair look longer and thicker in minutes. Hair extension with a clip is very easy to use and temporary. Application takes only a few minutes and you are ready with your new look. They are attached with pressure-sensitive clips to avoid damaging the hair. Each clip in hair extension has its own number of sets, different colors, lengths, and volumes, so you always have the opportunity to choose the right set for yourself. Below are the factors that you should consider when choosing the right clip-in hair extension that matches perfectly with your own hair.

Choose the right color 

When you go shopping for real hair clip extensions, another significant factor you should consider is the right color of your extension. Do not add light curls to your brown hair. Always compare the color of the extensions to your natural color until you find the best match for natural hair clip-ins. But it's better to do it during the daytime. Because daylight can reveal all the shades, allowing you to make a perfect choice. If for some reason your hair is not one-dimensional, look for double or triple color clip-in hair extensions.
Your desire look and style

How you plan to style your hair after wearing clip-in extensions can also play a very important role in selecting the length for your extension. If your chosen style requires you to trim a portion of your hair, or if you want it to look pointed, it is best to make your hair longer.

The length of the natural hair clip-ins extension you want should highlight the unique features of your face. If you have a heart-shaped face, you should choose 12-16" extenders with soft layers in the front. Another tip to consider when extending your hair to the correct length is your height. Your height will play an essential role in your overall appearance after wearing extensions.

Length of your hair

Choosing the right length for clip-in hair extensions is significant for a natural look. Most people choose extensions that are too long or too short for them. Not every length fits every person. So, when choosing the best clip-in hair extensions, first sort out your priorities. Your comfort plays a major role here. If you are buying hair extensions for cutting and styling, be sure to choose a longer length that can be trimmed. If you are unsure, check with your stylist - sometimes it can be confusing to determine the length of your hair if you have curly or layered hair.

The extension length automatically affects its cost. Hair extensions come in different lengths and at different prices. Your budget determines how much length you get. If you don't have a lot of cash to splatter but still want luxurious, voluminous hair, synthetic hair extensions are for you. Made from artificial fibers, this hair is significantly less expensive than clip in human hair extensions.

In a nutshell, clip-in hair extensions are a precious addition to your hair. It can improve your appearance and volume of your hair, giving you the look of your dreams. However, before applying them, make sure you select the correct ones. Mhot offers a wide range of hair extensions in different colors, lengths, and volumes, so you always have the opportunity to choose the set you want.

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