5 Ideas To Make Packing Run Smoother

March 9, 2021

Truth be told, everyone at some point must face moving. Usually, moving can be a huge pivot-point in your life. It can be scary, uncertain, or even unpleasant. However, for the most part, the results of moving are a positive one! The key to prevent any mistakes that could occur is by planning to make the process run as smoothly and effortless as you possibly can. There are several tips to following a checklist to ensure that everything is working correctly before, during, and after you move. It’s important to have a positive and uplifting attitude towards the big changes that are just around the corner, especially if you have little ones who are looking to you for guidance and help during this transition. During the move, you need to focus on canceling services, arranging for things to be ready at your new place, and the most important thing, packing. Below are a few things I am doing to help with our transition. 

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  1. Packing Items You Can Live Without For A Few Months: If you know you are moving in a few months or in a season where you don’t need certain clothes, by all means, pack up those items immediately because you won’t be getting them out. If you are moving in the summer, it can be easy to grab those long sweaters, bulky boots, and all the endless accessories of scarves, hats, and mittens to pack up. I like to grab the vacuum bags and put them in to help save space too when packing. Dollar Tree actually has some great vacuum bag options. 

  1. Decluttering What You Don’t Need: One of the biggest things you can do before you even start putting things in boxes is decluttering items you do not need. Purging these items is a simple way to get rid of broken toys, clothes you don’t wear anymore, or items that don’t bring you joy. (Seriously, just get rid of it all.) A way to help you not become overwhelmed is starting with one room at a time. Bring a bag with you that you are only using to throw away the items you do not want. Each day, go to a different room and start this task again until you are finished. You can even have your kids help throw away any trash or broken toys as well! 

  1. Selling Stuff Of Value: While going through each room, spend some time looking through the items you have that might not bring you joy, but could possibly bring joy to someone else. Do you have an old family heirloom that might be collecting dust? Try bringing it to an auction or listing it on various Facebook Markets, Mercari, or eBay to see if anyone would be willing to purchase it. You could even visit a local pawnshop to see if anything is of value to help pay for new furniture in your new home. A lot of little things sold can really add up!

  1. Organizing Rooms: Once the clutter, junk, and items you don’t want anymore are donated, sold, or finally out of the room, now is the time to organize! Depending on if you are having people still walk through your home, you want to keep the rooms as organized as possible. Only have out what you really need including a few dishes, pots, pans, clothes to mix and match, and a few toys for your kids to play with. Again, while you are in the limbo of packing and moving it can be frustrating but do your best to keep things as easily accessible for what you must-have rather than what you wish you could have. Don’t worry, you will be reunited with your belongings before you know it. 

Image: Gameday Moving Services

  1. Hiring A Moving Company To Assist: Now that the hard part of packing is behind you, the other large hurdle you might have to encounter is moving all of these boxes from your old home to a new home. Why not take the stress off your back and hire a company that can assist you! You want a trustworthy company to assist you and if you happen to live in Georgia I highly recommend Gameday Moving Services. This Athens GA Commercial Moving company also helps not only with moving your company but also residential, long and short-distance moving as well. They are tailored to any type of business including handling moving logistics according to your requirements, efficiently help to plan each detail, and streamline your commercial move. They take pride in making sure your move runs and smoothly and according to your plan as possible. 

I hope some of these tips help you whenever your next move will be. I’m excited for this next step in our own journey! 

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