The Best Way to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

March 26, 2021

Hey there friends! I hope each of you are having a wonderful week? Today I want to talk to you all about bugs. In particular, the dreaded mosquitoes! Mosquitoes can be a real pain, but it is my opinion that they are extremely bad in the south. We didn't have any very cool temperature this winter this year. Add that to all the rain, and it's already in the 80s here. Fortunately; they don't have to be. There are plenty of ways to repel and get rid of mosquitoes, so that you and your family don't have to worry about being eaten alive all summer when you're trying to enjoy the great outdoors.

This is a sponsored conversation written by Wrapped Up N U on behalf of Ambush Mosquito Traps.

Some Facts About Mosquitoes
  • Mosquitoes are deadly! We know mosquitoes as carriers for several harmful diseases such as Chikungunya, Dengue, Encephalitis, Malaria, West Nile virus, Yellow fever, and Zika virus. It is believed that because of this, mosquitoes are responsible for around 1 million deaths per year!
  • There are a lot of mosquitoes! According to the American Mosquito Control Association, there are over 3,000 different species of mosquitoes throughout the world.
  • Only female mosquitoes bite. This may surprise you and most people probably assume all mosquitoes bite, but no, it is only the females think we taste yummy.
  • What Attracts Her? Carbon dioxide gives insects the signal that blood is nearby, and since we exhale CO2, we make it easy for these pests to find us and other mammals.

Are you looking for a better way to control Mosquitoes? The Ambush Mosquito Traps can help you regain your outdoor space this summer. Living in South Georgia, I feel we have these blood suckers to deal with year around. The winters do not seem to get cold enough to kill them off or reduce their populations. We are thrilled to be working with Ambush Mosquito Traps and to be taking back our yard.

The Ambush Mosquito Traps is a proactive way to to help control the mosquito population in your yard. The Ambush Mosquito Trap comes with an Ambush Lure that releases an Octenol plume which is highly attractive to mosquitoes. This means that while your trap works 24 hours a day to break the breeding cycle, it can be supercharged for outdoor events like a barbecue, so that mosquitoes cloud around your Ambush Mosquito Trap, and not your guests. So you pretty much just set it up and let it run. I'd suggest setting reminders in your phone to replace Ambush Lure every 30 days for maximum effectiveness and control. It's easy to put together and has clear directions on how you set it up. 

Additional trips to help keep mosquitoes at bay

  • Plants That Repel Mosquitoes - One natural way to repel mosquitoes is to grow herbs or plants that have mosquito repelling properties in your yard, garden, or in a planter on your patio. Just a few plants known to repel mosquitoes include: citronella, catnip, catmint, lemon balm, lavender, lemongrass, pennyroyal, peppermint, wormwood, and rosemary. If you are having a barbeque or outdoor event, another way to keep mosquitoes at bay, is to throw any of these herbs on the grill, (rosemary works great for this). Not only will the herbs repel mosquitoes, so will the smoke from the grill.
  • Eliminate Standing Water - One of the best ways to keep mosquitoes away is to eliminate any standing water you may have lying around. This could include standing water in plants, your dog's water dish, a birdbath, gutters, dishes, etc. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, so eliminating standing water will help decrease the number of mosquitoes in the area.
  • Essential Oils That Repel Mosquitoes - Another natural way to repel mosquitoes is to use essential oils that contain mosquito repelling properties. Neem, lavender, citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, eucalyptus, and mint are all great essential oils that can keep mosquitoes away. No need for unpleasant smelling bug sprays or lotions, simply apply a few drops of one of these oils to the skin, or make your own all natural bug spray using a few different oils for a more effective repellant, and you won't have to worry about mosquitoes any longer.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar - Mosquitoes don't like apple cider vinegar, making it a great natural deterrent. Taking 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar three times a day, adding more of it to your diet, or moistening a cloth or cotton ball and applying it to the skin are all effective ways to use apple cider vinegar to repel mosquitoes and keep from getting bitten.
  • Attract Bats To Your Garden - Bats love eating mosquitoes, so another natural way to get rid of mosquitoes is to attract bats to your garden. Attracting bats to your garden can reduce the number of mosquitoes significantly, and will also lessen your chances of getting bitten, especially since research has suggested that a single bat can eat over 600 mosquitoes per hour.
We hope you the information we have shared to be helpful to better enjoy your summer. Follow Ambush Mosquito Traps on Facebook and YouTube to stay up to date with all the latest information.

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