4 COVID Guidelines That Are Challenging Stargirl Actors

April 9, 2021

The COVID pandemic has changed a lot of things for people, including actors for television shows. DC's Stargirl is no exception, and Geoff Johns, the show's executive producer, has implemented several safety measures to protect his cast. Aside from subtle things, like symptom checks, several things could prove challenging for actors. Here are a few of the changes that can make filming more challenging for the cast. 

1. Face Coverings

Everyone is expected to wear face coverings these days, and actors are no exception. Actors are required to wear masks or other face coverings whenever they are not filming. The only time they are allowed to remove their masks is when they are being filmed. While it may not seem like much of a challenge, the cast is probably going to have to carry around several masks a piece so that they can change throughout the day so they aren't wearing the same nasty, sweaty face covering all day. 

2. Social Distancing

Social distancing has become a crucial part of staying safe, although this is impossible when filming a superhero show. Scenes that break social distancing are expected to be done with less talking, and actors are expected to have a negative COVID test beforehand. Since Johns has crafted a great superhero show with lots of action, this could prove challenging for the cast. After all, Stargirl and her sidekick S.T.R.I.P.E. aren't afraid to give the bad guys the boot. One thing that is a saving grace for the show is the cosmic staff which helps Stargirl fight villains from a safe distance. 

3. Limited Staff

Many companies have greatly reduced the number of staff working in the office, and the film industry is no different. To keep actors safe, unnecessary staff have been cut from production, such as hair and makeup artists. This makes it difficult for actors who are supposed to do all of their own hair and makeup unless it involves special effects. Trying to get the same look as they had before could be difficult for the cast, especially if they are not skilled at doing their own hair and makeup. 

4. Limited Capacities

Everyone knows that large crowds are to be avoided. This has resulted in limited capacities, which are carrying over into the entertainment industry. Crowd scenes are expected to be filmed at lower capacities, and extras should maintain social distances as much as possible. Although you wouldn't expect this to affect the actors, it will. Since the number of extras has been severely limited, the camera and audiences will be paying a lot more attention to the main cast, meaning they need to bring their A-game to every performance. 

These and other protocols have been implemented to make television production safe. Stargirl has not escaped these safety measures, and the actors are being affected by some of them, which has made their jobs a little more challenging. While these may make it tougher for the actors, the show continues to the delight of fans. 

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