The Pros and Cons of a Destination Wedding

November 25, 2020

If you are planning your wedding and are unsure of the location you should choose, you aren’t alone. Every soon-to-be-married couple goes through the same thing; the location and venue of your wedding will offset the rest of the event. Go too big, and you might feel overwhelmed by the size and scale of the place; go too small, and it might not feel like a wedding at all. Deciding on the location of your wedding is one of the most important decisions you will make in the lead up to the big day.

What is a destination wedding?

One increasingly popular option that engaged couples are choosing is a destination wedding. A destination wedding means marrying outside of where you are from, choosing to go abroad to celebrate the big day in an epic way. Some examples of destination weddings include:
  • A beach wedding in warm countries like Barbados or Hawaii
  • A clifftop wedding looking out onto the crashing ocean in Italy
  • A grand wedding in a stunning Scottish castle
  • A Disneyland wedding in Paris or Orlando
  • A rural farm wedding in the south of France
There are definite pros and cons to destination weddings, and in this blog you will find a detailed guide to both sides of the story. Let’s get started: here are the pros and cons of a destination wedding.

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The Pros of a Destination Wedding

Let’s start with the positives, shall we? There are many wonderful aspects to celebrating your wedding abroad at an amazing location - and here they are, in a handy list.

1.Your wedding will be extraordinary.

That’s it, right there - when you have a destination wedding, it will be extraordinary. An epic destination means your wedding will be memorable, awe-inspiring and brilliant. Those are facts.

2. Your pictures will be stunning.

One of the crucial aspects to your wedding is the photographs. These photographs will be gazed at on your mantel piece forever, so you couldn’t be blamed for wanting them to be incredible. If you choose an amazing destination in which to host your big day, the photographs will reflect it. A one-of-a-kind location allows your wedding photographer to work their magic, incorporating the natural beauty of the place into your fabulous photographs. Picture you and your fiancé posing on a white sandy beach at sunset, then picture that photograph on your wall forever. Perfection, right? Of course, you will want to pick the best photographer for the job. For example, are you thinking of a destination wedding in Rhode Island? There are endless options for photographers in this area, but you will want to do your research and select the best wedding photographers Rhode Island, to ensure you get the most amazing pictures possible of your special day. 

3. Your honeymoon starts early!

When you have a destination wedding, it’s essentially like starting your honeymoon early. You get to arrive at the location, spend a few days settling in and welcoming guests while exploring the beautiful place, have your beautiful wedding day and then continue your vacation from there! This is a big plus; you can spend the few days before your wedding relaxing in a gorgeous place and soaking in the moment.

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4. You get to visit a once-in-a-lifetime place.

If you’re going all-out on your wedding plans and booking a destination wedding, one of the wonderful things about it is that you get to visit somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. This simply adds more joy to an already joyous day, making the whole wedding experience more exciting and memorable.

5. Your wedding will mark a real change of scene.

Getting married locally is nice, but if you book a destination wedding the whole occasion will feel like more of a landmark. You don’t want to risk feeling underwhelmed on your big day, and with a destination wedding the chance of feeling underwhelmed is pretty much zero! If you want an exciting, all-encompassing, breathtaking day, a destination wedding will deliver on those wishes.

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The Cons of a Destination Wedding

Although a destination wedding is a hugely popular choice that many people go for, it does have some downsides. Here are a few of the cons of booking a destination wedding instead of having a traditional local wedding.

1. The price.

All weddings are expensive, but a destination wedding is likely to be far more so than a wedding closer to home. The basic costs of traveling abroad apply, plus the usual wedding expenses that could even be heightened by the destination of your choice. Plus, there are other things to think about too such as the wedding rings, the cost of the wedding cake, the hotel, booking for others, and the list keeps going on and on. 

It is likely that hiring a space in a landmark destination will be costly, and might even come with pricey restrictions, licences and more. In addition, you will have to mark more time away from work for the occasion. The cost is something to consider when looking at destination weddings; make sure you budget your big day before deciding on your location.

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2. Accessibility for your guests.

Unless you have a big enough budget to pay for flights and accommodation for all of your guests, the chances are this wedding will cost your guests a pretty penny, not just you. Asking friends and family to book time off from work, travel to another country and put themselves up in a hotel for your wedding can cause complications - if they can’t finance this, then they’ll miss the day altogether. This is a tricky conundrum for soon-to-be-married couples who want to share their big day with friends who may not be able to make it.

3. Destination weddings can feel impersonal.

On an emotional level, a destination wedding can feel a little detached from your real life. If you’re from Kansas City, for example, marrying in a venue in Kansas City will fill your day with personal touches. You might pass your favorite restaurant on your way to the venue and think about all the fun times you’ve had there with your fiancé - and while a fancy destination provides excitement and awe, you can’t put a price on memories.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, the location of your big day is down to you and you alone. Nobody should make you feel bad about your decision; after all, this is the one day that you get to be totally spoiled! If you have been considering a destination wedding with your fiancé, use this pro and con list to measure out your options and choose the right wedding for you.

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