Getting Motivated When You Feel Overwhelmed

August 9, 2021

People are busy today. There are numerous things they need to get done just to get by in life. They wake up and rush from task to task, project to project, job to job. Are all these things necessary, or are they habits and busywork?

People get to the point they just can’t "do" anymore. Their brain is tired from all the rushing to and fro. So are their bodies. Before you can get motivated to do the next thing on your itinerary, take a hard look at what you do every day. Is it necessary?

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Weeding out the Busy Work

Nothing kills creativity faster than feeling overwhelmed and unfocused. Let’s face it, we do a lot of busy work that does not benefit us. We often do things because we find comfort in doing them. Look at the things you do every day. Be objective. Eliminate the things that do not benefit you.

Maybe you spend a lot of time reading emails. Set up filters so the essential emails are highlighted, and you can read those first.

Scan less important emails and delete those that do not provide key information. Unsubscribe from unnecessary blogs or information sites. Do something beneficial instead.

You can’t get motivated if you are overwhelmed with busy work. Once you have identified and eliminated much of the busy work, you can set goals. When we feel we benefit from the things we do, it is easier to get motivated.

Review Your Investments, Are they Working for You?

If you are investing in oil products like Royal Dutch Shell, how do you stay motivated to keep the stock? You need to watch the price analysis of OTCMKTS RYDAF. Do you keep the stock or sell? What would motivate you to keep it? If you go to the Royal Dutch Shell home website, you will see the company has made $2.3 billion over the last quarter. How do you get motivated to do the extra research to find out what is really going on? Eventually, the stock price with catch up to the actual value of the company.

Goals Help Motivate You

Look at your situation and set some goals, big or small. Just start writing them down. After you have your list of goals. Review them, prioritize the most important to the least. Some goals will not seem important, but other goals cannot be accomplished if they don’t get done.

Are there goals on your list that have no immediate benefit? Eliminate them. Why spend time on things that make more work for you but have no value. If goals you have are ones you want to do but not immediately, put them on a future goals list, set them aside, and do not focus your mental energy on them.

Divide larger goals into smaller tasks that can be accomplished easier. Maybe you have to write a business report for your boss.

  • Start early on large seemingly unmanageable goals

  • Break it down into segments, by department, unit, or group

  • Gather the information for each segment

  • Set up an outline

  • Think about the report as you do other tasks

  • Write down ideas for your report as you go about your day

  • Write up one segment at a time

  • Pull the segments together and see if they flow

  • Refine and adjust your report as needed

  • Finish

Other Motivational Techniques

After a weekend away from work, it is difficult to get motivated. People have various things that motivate them. Identify the things that move you to accomplish your goals and day-to-day tasks. Here are some things that motivate some people:

  • Music, loud pumping songs that make you get up and dance

  • Celebrate small wins or steps to achieving a significant goal

  • Hang around positive, motivated people

  • Negative thoughts come, so acknowledge them and consciously work against them

  • Set time limits for preparation time and each task

  • Allow yourself to feel satisfaction upon the completion of a task

  • Set rewards for completing tasks

  • Schedule downtime for yourself where you can just chill

Accomplishing each job or task is satisfying. This satisfaction will move you on to achieve the next task or goal.

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