15 Tips for Wearing Your Earrings in Style

September 15, 2021

Women, and some men, often wear earrings as an afterthought. They grab the first pair they see that won't look bad with their outfit and head out the door. Stop doing this. Spend time learning how to wear your earrings in style and watch them transform an outfit from plain to fantastic. The following tips become of great help as you work to achieve this goal. 


Know the Earring Types

Most women can tell the difference between hoops and studs. However, when a person talks about the new pair of gold earrings they got and refer to them as huggies, countless individuals don't know they are talking about small hoops that hug the earlobes. Learn the different earring styles so you aren't confused when making a purchase. 

Don't Fall Into a Rut

Think back over the past two weeks. Did you wear the same earrings every day? Many women find the answer to this question is yes. Try new styles. Pull out a pair of earrings you haven't worn in a while and make it a point to wear them. It's easy to grab the same pair every day, but that gets boring. Make sure you mix them up. 

Create Layers

Don't hesitate to layer earrings as you would necklaces, rings, or bracelets. Use multiple styles, such as stud earrings combined with dangle and drop earrings. With these layers, you can change your look in a matter of minutes. Go from a day in the office to a night on the town with a change of earrings and not much more. 

Wear Them Correctly

Many people don't know how to properly wear certain earring styles. For instance, climbers follow the curve of the ear when worn correctly. Jacket and drop earrings, in contrast, track the jawline, highlighting it in the process. 

Don't Overdo It

Don't mix statement earrings with an oversized necklace. Choose one piece to be the focal point of your accessories and keep the other pieces muted. Add those accessories you think you will wear and then remove one. This technique ensures you don't overdo it when it comes to your jewelry and end up looking like you were playing in your mom's jewelry box. 

Choose a Focal Point

To avoid overdoing it, choose a focal point for your jewelry. This may be the statement earrings or it might be another piece completely. Once this item has been selected, choose other pieces that complement it without going overboard for a fashionable look. 

Consider the Occasion

Women should not wear statement earrings to the office when they work for an established law firm. On the other hand, plain silver studs typically look out of place in a nightclub. Think about where you are going and why when choosing earrings to ensure you pick the perfect pair every time. 

Earrings Aren't an Afterthought

Women often choose their necklace and bracelets then put in a pair of earrings as an afterthought. Don't make this mistake. Your earrings will attract attention, as they are so close to the face. Choose a pair that complements your face shape or skin tone for a great look. 

Mix Metals

Fashion rules change over time. In the past, men and women often refused to mix metals, but now they are encouraged to do so. Choose a pair of earrings that incorporates more than one metal in the design. For instance, it may feature a stud in gold with a silver jacket around it. See how it makes the earrings pop and you will want to mix metals more often. 

Highlight Features

Choose your best feature and use earrings to highlight it. For example, studs or other small earrings accentuate the eyes, while chandelier earrings draw attention to the jaw. Regardless of what gemstone or precious metal you select for your earrings, the sparkle illuminates the skin. Keep this in mind as you select a pair of earrings. 

Choose One Item to Build Your Outfit Around

Women often start by choosing the outfit they want to wear and then pick accessories to go with that outfit. There's no rule that says this must be done, however. Choose one item you really want to wear on a given day and build the entire outfit around that. It may be a favorite pair of earrings rather than a piece of clothing. There's nothing wrong with that. 


Don't be afraid to try new things. See what is fashionable this season and try one or more items to see if you like the look. Earrings are a great way to try something new, as you can purchase multiple pairs for little money. This allows you to experiment without breaking the bank. 

Be Unique

Don't feel tied to current fashions. Find your own personal style and wear it with confidence. What looks good on one person won't be appropriate for another, so you need to find a look that is all your own. Try to incorporate new trends, often with the help of jewelry pieces, but keep favorite items even if they aren't the latest fashion. You feel good in them, and this will show in all you do. 

Skip the Other Accessories

There's no hard-and-fast rule that says earrings must be worn with a necklace or bracelet. If you have an incredible pair of earrings that make a statement on their own, skip the other jewelry. This style works extremely well when wearing a high neckline or one that is cut really low. 

Share Memories

Pull out sentimental pieces and wear them with pride. Although you don't have to use these pieces every day, they are a great item to have in your wardrobe. Furthermore, unique pieces that have been handed down through the generations can be great conversation pieces at social gatherings and other places. 

Never become a slave to fashion trends or rules. You are your own person and should let your values and personality shine in your clothing and jewelry choices. If anyone tells you differently, ignore them. If it works for you, go for it. 

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