Beat The Boredom With These Mind Improving Games!

September 13, 2021

You've probably heard about the increased awareness of mental disorders like dementia and Alzheimer's in the news recently. Unfortunately, these are diseases that take control of your mind, causing memory loss, loss of capacity to communicate, and even extreme mood swings. While these diseases are not avoidable, there are approaches to keep your brain and memory active and so delay the development of them. And what better way to accomplish this than to have fun while doing so? Take a peek at these games that will definitely help you strengthen your memory and stay sharp. 

Keep newspapers for their crosswords

Do people buy newspapers for reasons other than the comics and crossword puzzles? Instead of recycling your newspaper once a week, sit down and solve a crossword puzzle or two. Not only is it wonderful for brain training and testing general knowledge, but it also provides you a great sense of satisfaction when you finish it. If you don't read newspapers, why not get yourself a crossword puzzle book so you can challenge your brain every now and then? No peeking at the answers! But if you do get stuck on some puzzles, you can use online tools like Jumble Answers to help out once in a while.

Take up chess

Chess is an efficient approach to teach the brain to think two steps ahead. Not only that, but it's a fantastic way to meet and play with people that share your interests. Whether you want to play on an electronic chess board or join a chess club, it is unquestionably a pastime that will improve your memory in the long run. If you take the electronic chessboard way, you can save your progress and observe how your brain capacity improves over time!

Try your hand at card games

Playing card games is another excellent practice to keep your mind sharp. While you may not believe that playing rummy will improve your cognitive abilities, you are actually subconsciously taking note of the cards that come up. Not only that, but card games are another form of strategic activity that will require you to utilise more mental power than usual. Experiment further by seeing if you can spot a pattern in the cards and forecast the hand you'll be dealt! Why not jazz up your games by playing with foil playing cards? Not only do they look great, but the reflective foil will make your brain work harder when it comes to memorising cards!

Try a computer game that requires strategy

Did you realise that playing computer games can actually help you boost your cognitive abilities? While it may feel that you are destroying a boss or shooting your friends, computer games actually train your brain to stay focused for longer periods of time. Not only that, but your motivation to complete levels or reach goals in computer games increases. So, the next time you're chastised for playing computer games, you can explain that it's for your memory's sake! There are actually lots of computer games that are designed for brain training, so keep an eye out for them in stores or online!

Download some brain training apps

We live in a world where the majority of today's youth are glued to their phones. With our mobile gadgets now allowing us to do almost anything with a few taps, it's logical that we don't want to put them down. Why not download some brain training apps, such as Wordscapes, so you can exercise your brain no matter where you are?

I Am Puzzle 

Allows you to play thousands of online jigsaw puzzles for free. Here you can find picture puzzles of all types: from animals to famous landscapes and more. You can create your own puzzles with their jigsaw maker.

Learn how to play sudoku

For good reason, this number game has been a fixture of newspapers for years. Working memory is heavily used when you have to store a succession of numbers in your head while mentally "rehearsing" their placement in the nine-space grids. However, keep in mind that Sudoku is thought to be most efficient early on, before your brain has become accustomed to organising the numbers. If things start to get easier, it's time to try something new.

Make a game out of grocery shopping

Using "peg words," try memorising mini shopping trip lists. Suppose you want milk, eggs, and orange juice. Your peg words could rhyme with numbers, such as "sun" and "shoe." If eggs are on your list, picture your shoe treading in them with the sun behind you. Not only will you recall the item, but you will also recall where it is on the list. You can see who remembers the most goods and in what order if you share your purchases with a friend or family member.

Try these mind improving games to keep your mind sharp every day!

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