DIY Gift Ideas For Your High School Buddies Before Graduation

May 30, 2022

“What I remember most about high school are the memories I created with my friends.” -J.J. Watt. 

High school holds a special place in every person’s heart. No matter how often you have talked about all the things you have done in school, it never ceases to amaze you and brings tears of joy. 

After graduation, life does not remain as it was before. All the friends tend to get busy with their lives, some pursuing their dreams, some becoming adventures, while others start bearing their family responsibilities. Therefore, it is critical that you make the most out of this time -make every moment count. 

One way to do so is by giving your high school buddies the gifts that they’ll adore for the rest of their lives. It’s even better if these gifts are customized or DIY. Having said that, below are some easy DIY presents that you can try!

  • DIY BFF Bracelet

Best friends make surviving high school a piece of cake. From studying together to having after-school parties, everything is a unicorn and rainbow as long as you are with your best friend. For such beautiful friends, you can consider making a handmade BFF bracelet. It will be a souvenir of all the fun and lovely moments you have spent together. 

Don’t worry; creating a bracelet is not a difficult task. All you only need are two things- leather strands and claps. Cut the leather strands into three equal pieces and clip them together. Start braiding the three pieces together to an appropriate length and use claps to close the design. Make two of these. That’s all; now you have BFF bracelets that your friend will surely love. 

  • DIY Memory Box 

Another great gift idea would be creating a customized memory box. This box may include an array of items that define your friendship. For example, you can get a fake secondary school diploma or transcript, including the details of your friends’ school records. You can also get seals, emblems, and diploma covers to make the certificate look real. In addition to this, you can add your friend’s favorite candies or cookies, a handwritten note, and your polaroid photographs.  

Make sure to decorate this memory box properly. Believe it or not, this box will definitely remind your friend about you every time they think about their schooling years. 

  • DIY Pillow Cover

A pillow cover might not seem like an “ideal” gift at first; however, there are numerous reasons why your buddies will love it. First off, unlike any pillow cover they might find on the market, this one will be customized. You can add a secret code or inside joke on the pillow to make them smile. 

Secondly, pillow covers are great for home or room decor and help add warmth to every place. If your friend moves away from the city, this pillow cover will keep them attached to their hometown and consistently remind them of you. Besides, it is great if you are looking for a last-minute gift idea. Just get a white pillow cover and paint. Start adding your creativity to the cover, and you are good to go!

Wrap Up

You can stay in touch with your beloved friends, even after graduation. Even so, you must showcase your love and support to them using the DIY gift ideas mentioned above.

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