What do dental probiotics do?

May 2, 2022

What do dental probiotics do? Dental probiotics allow healthy bacteria in the mouth and sinuses to crowd out bad bacteria and improve your body’s ability to fight decay, disease, and infection. Dental Probiotics play a big role in promoting the growth of good bacteria in the oral cavity and curtailing the growth of pathogenic bacteria. There are normally over 700 different bacterial species found in the human mouth. 

Oral Probiotics can also help with Covid Immune Support.

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Why we tried Dental Probiotics

Our family was thrilled to have the opportunity to try CariPRO for ourselves. We were pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to use. All we did was chew one tablet daily before bed after brushing or using mouthwash. They have a formula for adults(Pomegranate Berry) and children(Berry Blast). 

I am a diabetic. I am more likely to have oral health problems like cavities, and infections of the gums and bones that hold my teeth in place because diabetes can reduce the blood supply to the area. 

Our youngest son has dental braces and also suffers from seasonal allergies. If you have ever had a child with braces you understand it can be a battle. The dentist recently decided to start our son on a perscription toothpaste because of issues he had after having his teeth knocked out as a toddlar. When I told his dentist we had also started on oral probioatics we was thrilled that we were being proactive in his dental care.

You may recall in the past I reviewed Smile Brilliant's cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush and was VERY pleased with the results.

Smile Brilliant’s oral care products are custom-formulated with the latest research to improve oral care through real science and innovation. Their lab-direct process makes achieving professional results at an affordable price easy. In the last few years, they've taken this model and expanded their line of oral health products to include something for everyone - from the newest in the cariPRO line - a cordless water flosser that allows for easy and effective cleaning, to a custom night guard system to protect the teeth from nighttime grinding.

Most of us have heard of probiotics for maintaining intestinal (gut) health, but probiotics have actually been shown to be very useful in many areas of the body, for skin care & dental care in particular. Like other types, dental probiotics shift the balance of the existing bacterial composition (microbiome) toward an increased population of “good bacteria”, improving the overall health & fortitude of the area. What that means for us, is that our mouths are healthier: reduced plaque & tartar, less cavities, gum inflammation & the causes of bad breath, and that protection actually extends to our ear, nose & throat providing immune support & protection against viruses and developing infections (sinus & ear).

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