How to Make Your Wedding Day One To Remember

June 20, 2022

It’s the most important and exciting day of your life. You have spent months looking at off the rack wedding dresses, picking out flower designs, sorting through lists upon lists of family members to invite. It has been a massive journey. The day you make the ultimate commitment to the person you love. For you, it will be wonderful no matter what, but there are certainly a few tips and tricks to help everything run smoothly and ensure you and your guests have the best experience one could wish for.

Here are some ideas as to how you can really add some sparkle to the celebration and make sure it lives up to the beauty of the moment.

Remove The Stress

First things first. The fact is, wedding planning is stressful. There is a huge amount to organize and do so you don’t want any extra anxiety when it’s supposed to be the best day of your life. You are the main event, so you want to remove any avoidable issues on the day. Having a wedding in this day and age adds another level of planning in regards to Covid. 

An amazing way to tackle this issue is to include in your invitation a requirement of vaccination status. Whilst this may seem daunting and you might worry that it comes across in the wrong way, it will ensure that there is no extra anxiety on the actual day of your wedding. Check out Greenvelope’s guide to including covid wedding vaccination requirements in your invitations. They design beautiful, environmentally friendly invitations that will add some shine to your wedding right from the start, whilst also including a subtle covid tick box that won’t deter anyone and will remove any Covid related anxiety from your special day. You can trust Greenvelope to create stunning designs whilst also allowing you to do your bit for the environment. 

Pay Attention To The Details

There are a few small details that will really add that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your day. Something that often people wouldn’t think about is having a wedding scent. Choosing a certain scented candle to have burning throughout your venue will mean that you and your guests will be brought back to your day every time they smell it in the future. It also gives the opportunity for you to burn them at anniversaries and you will be transported back immediately to your special day. If burning candles doesn’t appeal, then choose flowers with a certain scent such as lavender and that will have the same effect. 

Consider Getting Married Abroad

Although it may seem scary in terms of the extra planning, having a destination wedding can very quickly remove anxiety around guest lists, as it limits things to close friends and family. Similarly, it will certainly make your wedding one to remember for everyone involved. It will elongate the event to a few days of real excitement and enjoyment whether that is in vineyards in the beautiful south of France, on a beach in Barbados, or nestled in the stunning city of Florence. A wedding abroad will make the whole experience feel like a dream, so don’t be scared to take the plunge. Who doesn’t want an extra holiday on top of the honeymoon?

Food and Drink

Part of the real fun of the wedding is always going to be the food and drinks. Spend some time picking out things you really like and take some bottles home after that you keep forever. If you are doing a destination wedding, tailor the food to the place where you are. If in France, why not do breakfast or brunch the morning after the wedding day? You could have croissants and baguettes and amazing cheese boards and fruit. The perfect hangover cure to what is sure to have been a very fun night. Set up a beautiful table and enjoy this last meal with everyone you love to celebrate such an exciting experience. Then you can pack up and jet off on your honeymoon wherever that may be. 

Get A Wedding Planner

Whilst the idea of planning a wedding is fun and exciting, there is of course a huge number of logistical problems that are involved. If you can, employing a wedding planner will remove an enormous amount of the stress but will still keep you in the exciting design parts of the process. Everything about your wedding day should be enjoyable, so give someone else the reins to work out the difficult things and just go ahead and have an absolute blast with all the people you love.  

Hopefully, these tips will make everything about your wedding the most exciting and special event for you. A lot of people feel that weddings often blur into one, so make sure yours stands out from the crowd and lives on in everyone’s memories as something truly wonderful.

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