Jerry & Marge Go Large Premieres June 17 Exclusively on Paramount+

June 16, 2022


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JERRY & MARGE GO LARGE is inspired by the remarkable true story of retiree Jerry Selbee (Cranston), who discovers a mathematical loophole in the Massachusetts lottery and, with the help of his wife, Marge (Bening), wins millions and uses the money to revive their small Michigan town.

In addition to Cranston and Bening, the cast includes Larry Wilmore, Rainn Wilson, Anna Camp, Ann Harada, Jake McDorman, Michael McKean, and Uly Schlesinger. Rated PG-13 for some language and suggestive references.

Premiering June 17, 2022, exclusively on Paramount+



Jerry and Marge Selbee were are a retired couple from the Midwest who banked millions of dollars by winning various state lottery games dozens of times. There weren’t even any scams going on, nor did they commit fraud of any sort! They did everything completely legit by finding a mathematical loophole.

60 Minutes first reported on the story of Jerry and Marge Selbee in January 2019.

Jerry spotted a brand-new lottery game called “Winfall.” While reading the fine print, Jerry saw that the Windfall game had a feature called a “rolldown,” and the lottery would announce when it was going to happen.

Unlike other high-paying lottery games, such as Mega Millions, where the jackpot keeps building until someone hits all six numbers and wins the big prize, in Winfall, if the jackpot reached the top prize of $5 million, and no one matched all six numbers, all the money “rolled down” to the winners who matched fewer numbers.

Jerry, who has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Western Michigan University, quickly ran the odds in his head and realized he was guaranteed to win money if he bought enough tickets.

After setting up a corporation, where he kept detailed records of his winnings, he invited family and friends to join him. When Michigan cancelled the Windfall game, Jerry set his sights on a lottery game with similar rules in Massachusetts.

All told, the Selbees grossed more than $26 million from playing the lottery. 

When Jon Wertheim reported on the Selbees for 60 Minutes in 2019, they had already sold the rights to their story, which became Jerry & Marge Go Large!

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