5 Condo Ideas

August 28, 2022

When you move into your first condo, you might think that adding a few decorative items might make it feel done but as you get older, your taste might start to change and you might look for other ways to make it feel a bit more grown-up and feel better. Whatever the case might be, having a budget can help transform our space in a way that makes it feel more like you and cozier. The best place to start is with a little spring cleaning. Below are a few tips to make your apartment look and feel like your personal oasis for yourself and your family.


1. Add Plants - If you have some dead space in areas of your apartment, nothing can make it spruced up by adding a few plants. These types of plants don’t need to be something out of your black thumb but can be as simple as cacti, succulents, or a gif tree. Some house plants such as aloe can be used for medicinal purposes as well. Look for different sizes for every living situation and talk to the people who are selling the plants on what works best in your apartment including where the most light is, what you can take care of, and what will be best for your everyday life. Plus plants also help purify the air and boost your mood and reduce your stress and anxiety.


2. Frame Your Posters - If you want to hang posters, it would be best to take them off the wall and frame them. They don’t need to be flashy but grabbing a simple black frame can make your poster look a bit more sophisticated. For extra glam, look for art that would go with the color scheme of your home. You can hang photos or drawings from friends but investing in a painting or searching at local thrift or garage sales for some cool prints that make a statement is key. It also helps bring the room together with a great piece of art.


3. Hang Curtains - If you have windows that are empty, sad, and needing something to spruce them up, getting curtains can help reform it. Adding curtains can add a put-together touch to your room over the windows. The biggest piece of advice is to not buy super expensive drapes but also not the cheapest. Pick a fabric that feels high-end. Hang your curtains so they are slightly puddling on the floor. If you have a bedroom that faces the sun in the morning, consider getting black-out curtains to keep the sun away and ease you into the morning. 


3. Decorate With Books - If you are a hoarder with novels but don’t want to keep shoving them under your bed consider using them as part of your home decor. If you’ve been watching a popular show on Netflix called “The Home Edit” you’ll see that they use books to help decorate the family room, living room, or bedroom in a fun and unique way. They organize their books by color in a rainbow theme which adds such a fun pop of color. Designers also tell you to use them to decorate your coffee table or staking them sideways on your shelves. This also helps to add interest and texture to your space as well as show that you are a well-read individual.


5. Keep Your Bathroom Organized - You might not think that your friends or neighbors will see your bathroom but if you only have one in your apartment, it might be used more often than you think. Make sure that it is well stocked which means extra hand soap, matching towels to keep things looking neat and organized. Have a small area of toilet paper and a box of tissues for those that see that you have what you need in case things run out and they don’t need to ask you where something is. They will be impressed with how easy it is to have them nearby.


Image: Ben Harris Atlanta Real Estate 


Now that you’ve read a few ways to make your apartment as cozy as you can, perhaps you are thinking that the condo you currently have is not the best option and need to find something else in the area that might better fit your needs. Consider looking into Ben Harris Atlanta Real Estate  to help you make that decision and give you the upgrade you need to feel established, adult, and grown-up. These 1010 Midtown Condos for sale gorgeous apartments are in a prime location near wonderful shopping centers and restaurants. You’ll be sure to find and keep your apartment looking as wonderful as you want with your personal taste and style, with these condos. 

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