8 Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Kitchen Cabinets

August 9, 2022

Kitchen cabinets are one of the favorite habitats for cockroaches. They provide the temperature that the cockroaches need to survive. Also, it's a perfect hiding place for them. Having cockroaches in your kitchen cabinet is a nightmare. They crawl all over the kitchen cabinet, making it impossible to store any food there. Other than being unsightly, roaches are a health hazard, as they carry diseases and germs which could infect your family. Are you wondering how you can get rid of cockroaches in your kitchen cabinets? Well, in this article we will give you some helpful tips.  

Empty your Kitchen Cabinets and Clean Them

The first way to kick start the Cockroach Control process is by emptying your cabinets and cleaning them thoroughly. Get rid of any debris or moisture in the cabinets that could attract the roaches. Wipe out all the tiny food crumbs and dust from the cabinet. Then use household cleaning spray or a mixture of dish soap and hot water to clean the cabinets inside and outside. Once you are done, dry the cabinets by wiping them with a dry and clean cloth. If the cockroaches have made their way into your food containers, dispose of the food.


Apply Gel Baits to the Kitchen Cabinets 

Apply gel baits in areas you have spotted cockroaches along the bottom of your kitchen cabinets. Ensure that you place the bait where the cockroaches are likely to crawl. Once the cockroaches come across the gel poison, they will spread it to other cockroaches, and the gel poison will ultimately eliminate them.  

Fill-Up Cockroaches Hiding Spots with Caulk

Cockroaches and particularly the small ones, can squeeze through the small cracks. You can eliminate them by filling in the cracks in your kitchen cabinets and around the kitchen with caulk. Use water-resistant chalks in areas in constant contact with water, like under that sink. Also, you can use a caulk gun to make it easy for you to fill in the cracks and gaps with thin and even caulk lines. Once you apply the caulk, use a scraper tool to smooth out any bump and ensure it fills up the crack and gaps perfectly. 

Apply Diatomaceous Earth

Applying diatomaceous earth is a nontoxic way to eliminate cockroaches. The diatomaceous earth is a powder made from natural sedimentary rock. You can easily find it in local hardware near you. Sprinkle the powder in areas you have spotted roaches. Once they crawl on it, the cockroaches' exoskeleton will dry out, and they will die. Diatomaceous earth is not toxic to you if ingested, but can cause respiratory discomfort when inhaled. Therefore, wear a mask when applying it and keep the children and pets away. 

Use Boric Acid 

Apply Boric acid powder to surfaces where you have spotted the cockroaches or where they tend to walk over. Once they ingest it, they will eventually die. However, the powder is toxic, so ensure that it does not spread to the utensils or open food containers. Also, it irritates the skin, so wear gloves and a face mask when applying. 

Hire a Pest Control Professional 

You do not have to eliminate cockroaches by yourself. It would be best if you work with a professional to help you fumigate your kitchen. You can go online and search for pest control near me who will help you identify the cockroaches' hiding spots and clear them. Moreover, they know the tactics and the latest remedy for eliminating cockroaches. It will be worth it because you are guaranteed excellent results. Moreover, your family and pets will be at a reduced risk of poisoning from the risky home remedies for cockroaches' elimination. 

Repair Leakages 

Cockroaches like water because it keeps them alive. That leaky pipe or faucets in your bathroom or kitchen sink could be the reason for roaches or getting into your home and finding a perfect habitat in your kitchen cabinets. Repair all the leaking pipes and faucets. Also, ensure that you eliminate spills and splashes from your house. 

Keep the Kitchen Clean 

Cockroaches thrive well in dirty places. Therefore, you need to keep your kitchen spick and span, so they do not find a home. Dispose of kitchen waste and ensure the trash bins are well sealed. Moreover, do not leave dirty dishes in your kitchen sink for long. They attract cockroaches. Keep your counter and floor food crumb free. Then, ensure that your food containers are well sealed. 

Bottom Line

Cockroaches are a common problem in kitchen cabinets. Don't let them frustrate you anymore. Use the home remedies we have covered above to get rid of them. Moreover, please hire professional pest control experts for long-lasting solutions.  



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