Protect Your Head as the Weather Warms Up

March 15, 2023

As spring gets underways (not that you would know it), it won't be long before UV rays get stronger. So, here are some ways you can protect your head when enjoying the great outdoors.

Wear a Hat, Of Course

UV rays from the sun can hurt your face, neck, and ears. A hat with a wide brim can help protect you from this. Look at Cap America for hats made of cotton or straw that will let air in and keep your head cool. A wide brim protects your face, neck, and ears, which are more likely to get sunburned than other parts of your body. Hats made of cotton or straw, which are both breathable, are best for airflow. And hats that have a UPF rating give you even more protection.

Be Liberal with the Sunscreen

Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least 30 SPF to your scalp and any other exposed skin on your head. The best results come from putting it on again every two hours. Even if you have hair on your head, it's important to use sunscreen, especially if you have bald spots or spots where your hair is getting thinner. Also, think about using a spray sunscreen that is made for the scalp. It is easier to apply just by spraying it, and won't leave a greasy film behind.

Stay in the Shade to Protect Your Head

If you can, stay in the shade between 10:00 and 16:00. when the sun is at its strongest. This is when UV rays from the sun are the strongest. Look for places that already have shade, like under trees. If you want to do things outside, try to do it in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the strongest heat. Also, it's important to remember that shade doesn't always keep you safe from the sun's rays. So, going indoors for a bit can also help if you are getting too hot.

Carry an Umbrella when Venturing Out

Staying in places with shade, like under trees, isn't always a good idea. Strong materials like plastic and some special fabrics, on the other hand, can. So, a portable umbrella can protect your head and face from the sun when you're outside. If you want more sun protection, choose one with a UPF rating. Portable umbrellas are also easy to carry and set up, which makes them a good choice for common outdoor activities such as picnics and trips to the beach.

Drink Plenty of Water

Your head gets more sun than any other part of your body. This can lead to heat stroke. When you spend time in the sun, you sweat and lose fluids. If you don't replace those fluids, you can get dehydrated and have a heat stroke. When you're out in the sun, drinking a lot of water can help keep your body cool. Also, try to stay away from drinks that can make you lose water. These include popular drinks like alcohol, and drinks with caffeine, such as coffee.


It's essential that you protect your head when spending time outdoors. Wearing a hat is very effective. But you can also stay in the shade when the sun is strong and stay hydrated.

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