Tips for a Successful Spring Clean

March 7, 2023

Spring is a time for new beginnings and a fresh start, which is why it's such a great time to clean out your home and get it ready for the summer. If you want to freshen up your home and make the most of the summer, use the tips below to ensure a home gets the spring clean it deserves. 

Room by Room 

Some rooms are used more than others, especially over the winter when you reduce the number of rooms in use to save on energy. Now that spring has arrived, it's time to open them up and dust them down. To spring clean effectively, try to be as systematic as possible. 

Create a checklist of what needs to be cleaned in the house and in each individual room. Some rooms will need light dusting, while others will need to be deep cleaned. Some rooms might also need to be refurbished and redecorated. Having a checklist makes the process much faster.    

Clear the Clutter 

Clutter collects easily in the home, but it can lead to stress and ill health. Spring is one of the best times to clear the clutter and take control of your home once more. Clutter creates stress in the mind by splitting your attention discordantly. It can also create general tension in the home. 

There are various ways you can attend to the clutter in the home. The most obvious approach is to remove the clutter, sell it online or send it to a secondhand store. Alternatively, you could invest in some clutter-saving furniture, such as storage boxes and under-the-bed storage units. If you have large items that you know you don't want to keep or sell, you may want to look into hiring something like Dumpster and Container Services. These are a great way to remove things that need to go into the trash and be confident that they will be disposed of correctly.

However, if you have a lot of clutter to sort out then you may want to consider using a storage solution near you instead. If you have large pieces of furniture, lots of random items that you haven’t sorted yet, or just need someplace to put all of your stuff right now so that you can sort it out later, then a storage unit is usually the best option. Just make sure you don’t treat it like a long-term storage solution if you’re only doing this for a spring clean! Of course, it’s perfectly fine like that too, but only if you’re prepared for the costs.

Seasonal Chores 

If you have a family living in the home, spring is a chance to get them involved in some seasonal chores. Most children don't like the idea of a chore. Whether it is washing the dishes, vacuuming the floor, or tidying up toys, so try to reframe the chores for them in the spring. 

Instead of chores, turn spring cleaning into a seasonal event that involves all the family. If you can't convince your kids that cleaning is fun, why not offer them a reward for completing these tasks? You could offer them some chocolate or a day trip to their favorite events place or park. 


Clean the HVAC 

It might be springtime, but that doesn't mean the HVAC will be turned off. Spring can still be cold in some parts of the world, and if not, you might be looking at turning on the cool air for a change. Remember, an HVAC is connected to a series of vents in the home that need cleaning. 

When you don't change the filter in the HVAC or clean the air vents in the home, pollen and dust can come through into the rooms causing allergies and breathing difficulties. Make sure you contact a professional HVAC company in the springtime to carry out this important work for you.  

Eco Cleaning 

It's time to pay attention to the cleaning products you are using to clean the home. Conventional cleaning products have lots of harmful chemicals in them that can find their way into the natural environment causing pollution. There are plenty of eco-cleaning products on shelves nowadays.

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