The Home Safety Checks You Should Do Every Month

May 22, 2023

Everyone in the world has one goal when it comes to life: to live safely and happily. Indeed, the two go hand in hand! When you feel comfortable and secure in your own home, you can relax a lot better, raise your family in peace, and sleep at night without any worries.

And that means you might want to revamp your safety checklist to include a few more monthly maintenance tasks. The safer you know you are, the happier you’ll be in your property - preparation is usually everything! Here are a few suggestions to think about. 

Test All Alarms

There are many alarms in your home. Your fire alarm, your carbon monoxide alarm, your burglar alarm, etc., and they all need testing at least once a month. The first check to do is the batteries - are they still well powered and ready to work? And when they do, are they loud enough to alert if you’re asleep or in a far away room in your home? Remember, you never know when they might need to go off, so give yourself the safest foundation to work from. 

Who’s Got a Key?

Your front door is the most obvious point of entry for your home. Sure, you can come in and out the back door, but that’s always going to be the second choice, both for you and for a would-be burglar. So think about it: who’s got a key? Because it might be time to visit a site like and get your locks changed. This is especially important if you’ve recently misplaced a key - you can never be sure who might have picked it up. 

Look for Fire Hazards

Fire hazards can litter the home if you’re not careful. A busted wire in the wall, some grease left on the stove, a blanket that’s fallen off the sofa and over a plug socket, some lint trapped in the tumble dryer - the list goes on and on. 

And because of just how many fire hazards you could be dealing with on a regular basis, you absolutely need to go around once a month and check for them. However, sometimes this can be difficult. Bad wires in the wall, for example, can be hard to visually assess, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for the signs instead. 

A Backup Generator

Another potential source of electrical fire outbreaks is faulty appliances. If left unchecked, these items can quickly overheat, causing flammable components to catch on fire. The last thing you want is to risk your household due to faulty appliances. Therefore, taking the necessary steps becomes essential. As a tip, work with experts for the best results. For instance, seeking boiler repair services can restore your appliance, preventing injuries and damages.

Check for Critters

Finally, always double check if something small and pesky has made a home in your property. Wasps, moths, ants, bedbugs, cockroaches; all of them could be hanging around just out of sight, ready to cause structural, and even health damage, over time. If you see the signs for them, be sure to call in someone who knows how to deal with them safely and in an environmentally conscious way. 

Some property safety checks need to be done regularly. You don’t need to panic about it, but make a safety checklist to go over once a month to keep both yourself and your family safe. 

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