How Does Playing An Instrument Improve Your Life?

May 11, 2023

Are you among the many people who wished they had started playing an instrument early in life? Can’t get enough of seeing other people play and love to be able to pick out the notes in music as you listen to it? 

The good news is that it is never too late to learn to play an instrument! There are hundreds of options, from in-person lessons, books, YouTube tutorials, and even schools dedicated to it. No matter how you want to learn, it is all possible. 

Photo by Kinga Howard on Unsplash

Aside from being able to play - what other positive impacts does learning to play an instrument have? 

Social Skills

The last few years have had a significant impact on the world, and because of the required isolation and separation, many people lost out on being social or struggled to integrate again. If you choose a school, like a guitar craft school, for example, not only will you learn to play and even make the instrument, you’ll be surrounded by other people doing the same thing. It builds a sense of community pretty quickly. 

And when you get the confidence, you might find yourself joining a band and maybe even doing some live music nights! 


Sure, while you are learning, there are going to be plenty of moments of complete frustration - you might put your guitar down and vow never to play again. But, after you have cooled off, you’ll march right back up to it and pick it up. 

The same goes for the piano, the violin, and even the drums. Over time your skills will improve, and there is nothing like absolutely smashing a set of cords you have been working on. 

Joy is the biggest thing, and it runs through the rest of your life too. 

Stress and Anxiety

Hard day? Difficult situation? Well, playing musical instruments is heavily linked to relaxation. Although you might be better off working out your frustrations on a drum kit rather than on the eyes of a piano - but you can hit hard and fast on either. 

Alternatively, you might find that playing slow and relaxing tunes is your thing, and after a day that wasn’t the best, you lower your cortisol levels by playing at a slower pace. 

Either way, playing an instrument can help you process a difficult day. 


One of the most fantastic and surprising things about learning how to play an instrument is that you use almost all of your brain to do it. You will be moving, reading, understanding, listening, and more. And all of those things happening at once takes time and practice to get right - and in the end, all of the activities will help to improve your memory

Any Style 

No matter which era in music you enjoy, you can learn to play it - bringing all of your favorite classics to life. Not only can you play different eras, but you can also start to look at the music of other cultures too - and get an appreciation for all different styles. 

Can’t wait to get started? There are plenty of ways to learn new instruments; here are tips for the drums: 6 Options for Teaching Yourself the Drums | Wrapped Up N U

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