3 International Recipes To Try At Home

June 2, 2023

Nobody wants to eat the same things over and over. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, everyone wants to spice things up every once in a while. What better way to do that than using some international recipes to try at home?

You have a world of options at your fingertips, which could make narrowing down your options difficult. That doesn’t have to be a problem, and there are three notable options to start with. With a bit of effort, you’ll have more meals to try, and they’ll be nicer than you’d think.

International Recipes To Try At Home: 3 Top Options

1. Chow Mein

A signature Chinese dish, you’ve likely seen this in quite a few restaurants. You shouldn’t have to put a lot of time and effort into replicating chow mein at home. If you focus on keeping it simple, that’s especially true. All you’d really need for this are boiled noodles and stir-fried vegetables.

There are two approaches you can take with this; the classic Chinese approach and the Westernized one. With the Chinese one, boil your noodles before adding them to the stir-fried vegetables to make them soft. If you prefer them crispier, skip the boiling process.

2. Beef Braciole

An Italian dish, this is also known as stuffed beef. It’s a much more filling dish than you could think, and is packed full of flavor, especially if you try this recipe for braciole. You don’t even need many ingredients to make this perfect, and it’ll be ready before you even know it.

If you’re a fan of Italian food, there’s no reason not to give this a try. Packed with prosciutto, cheese, breadcrumbs, and steak, it boasts a wealth of flavors guaranteed to keep you and your family happy.

3. Pad Thai

A popular dish from Thailand, Pad Thai is the country’s signature street food. It’s one of the easiest international recipes to try at home, and you shouldn’t have to put much time or effort into it. A rice-noodle dish, it also features stir-fried eggs and a meat of your choice. Usually, tofu, shrimp, or chicken is used, however.

Add in a few other basic ingredients, and you don’t have to put a lot of work into making this. When it’s made right, it offers a wealth of flavors, ranging from salty to sweet, and bitter to spicy. It’ll broaden your palate much more than you’d think.

International Recipes To Try At Home: Wrapping Up

If you want to spice up your palette and try some new foods, it’s more than worth using a few international recipes to try at home. There’s a wealth of options to choose from, making figuring out where to start a little tricky.

It shouldn’t have to be complicated, however. Instead, it’s worth starting with a few relatively basic dishes. Pad thai, beef braciole, and chow mein can all be great places to start with this. Once you’ve mastered them, you’ll be making nicer, better-tasting meals before you know it.

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