4 Tips for Buying Gifts for Your Kid's Friends

February 25, 2024

Do you struggle to find the right gifts for your kid's friends or put a limit on how much to spend on kids' birthday presents? If you are not alone and have many school friends' parties on the horizon, not to mention family birthdays, it can become pretty expensive to keep buying those gifts, especially when you don't know the child too well.

These tips can help you to manage the birthday party stress and ensure you have a decent gift each and every time.

Set A Limit

It doesn't matter who it is, whether they are having a big party or not, you need to set a strict limit on how much you are willing to spend on each child, or it can get out of hand. While many people say the value should vary from child to child (of course, you will want to spend more on your child's best friend than a class member they don't know too well), the experts agree that anything in the $20 to $50 range is ideal. That being said, the best limit is one you can comfortably afford.

Shop Sales

Avoid last-minute overspending by trying to pick up items you see on sale throughout the year and building a stockpile; this is especially handy if you have multiple children. A few dollars here and there for items on sale is much easier to pay out for than finding the whole lump sum for a present at the last minute. So if you see something that would make an excellent generic gift throughout the year and it's at a really good price point, then snap it up. If you don't use it, you can always donate it or sell it in the future.

Buy Bulk

Buying smaller cheap items in bulk can often be a great way to keep costs down and your supplies topped up. It can be anything and everything from school supplies to buying initial key rings so you have a letter for each friend's name and then a few extra just in case, or you can stockpile treats to build gift bags and so on. What you stock up on is entirely up to you, but having bulk supplies means you will have items for those last-minute invites for surprise parties you didn't know about but need something for. Don't forget about birthday cards here, too; always have a pile of birthday cards in.


Cash is by far the easier route, especially when you're busy or stumped for ideas. You can put cash away for these scenarios like you would have supplies of presents and gift wrap. Set an amount for each child, say $20, then put money away periodically to help you build an emergency fund specifically for kids' birthdays throughout the year. Honestly, most parents would rather their child get money than toys they might not use, so don't feel bad about giving cash. This way, the child can buy exactly what they want, and everyone is happy.

Managing the stress of kids' birthdays when your child is in school isn't easy and it will seem like there is a party every 5 minutes sometimes. These tips can help you to be more prepared for each one that comes along so it doesn't cause too much stress and worry.

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