How to Host a Surprise Party For Your Loved One

January 10, 2019

Some years, you’ll just want to give your loved one the simple pleasure of your company. You’ll buy them a gift, and take them out to dinner, and it’ll be a lovely birthday. But then there are the other years, the ones that are a little bit more special. On those special birthdays, you don’t want to settle for the same old birthday routines: you’ll want to push the boat out. And what better way to do that to have a surprise party for your loved one? They’ll love it, you’ll love it, and so will the guests. Below, we take a look at a few useful tips to ensure the party is A. a surprise and B. awesome.


Create a Backstory
You’ll be able to keep the party a surprise, but it’s not like you can do the same with their birthday. They’ll know what date it is, and that you’re going to be doing something to mark the occasion. Here’s where the backstory comes in. You’ll need to tell your loved one that you’re doing something that’s good, but not too good that they’ll be disappointed when they arrive at the party. It’s best to keep things simple. Saying “I’m taking you out to dinner” should suffice. The where can be a surprise, to cover for the actual surprise.

Pick the Location
Where to host a surprise party can be challenging. On the one hand, it’s fun to do it outside of the house, as this can create a greater sense of occasion (also helps get out of the cleaning up duties). But these can also be harder to orchestrate; it looks more suspect if you’re driving out of the way to a venue that makes no sense if you’re just going for dinner. The home is much more logical. You can simply “drive home to pick something up,” and voila - the party begins.

Get Help
Organizing a party should be fun! But it’ll only be stressful if you’re trying to take on everything yourself. Rope in some help. You need someone to bounce ideas off, and in any case, you might need someone else to get everything ready for the party if you’re busy going through the backstory you’ve created for your partner’s birthday before the event kicks off. Another mind will also prevent you from committing one fatal, overlooked flaw that unravels the surprise aspect.

Creating a Guest List
Creating a guest list for any party can be tricky, but it can be even more complicated when it’s all a surprise. For starters, you might have to invite people who are in your partner’s social circle, but not yours. For those groups, it’s best to connect with one person you’re familiar with and have them spread the word to everyone they think should come. It’s important that you keep tabs on how many people are going to be there, however, so you can buy enough food and drink, and also avoid the party from becoming overly cramped.

Transforming the Space
You’ll need to get the space into party mode no matter where you’re hosting the event, but it’ll be extra important if you’re having the party in your house. It won’t be a very magical event if everything looks just as it normally does! You’ll be well-served by taking the afternoon off from work in order to transform the house into a party environment. Work with a company that offers event flowers, and buy balloons, streamers, and anything else that will make the house look ready for fun. Keep in mind that you’ll need to keep your partner out of the house from the moment you start the preparations, however.

Person On the Ground
The space is ready for a party. You’ve met your partner for a drink, and will eventually take them back home, where they’ll be surprised to see that a party is getting underway. Ah, but there’s a haven’t given anyone a key. No-one can get inside! Make sure you’re working with a “person on the ground,” with whom you’ll coordinate the logistics of the party. They’ll have a key to your house, and will make sure everyone’s in position (such as turning the lights off) for when you arrive home.

Keep it a Secret!
Finally, keep it a secret! Don’t have phone calls about it in the other room of the house; wait until your partner is out. Your excitement might also give it away. Play things cool, bottling your excitement until the party is in full swing. 

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