Frustrated With Your Garden? Consider This

April 28, 2024


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It’s no new insight to say that sometimes, nature has plans that take higher precedence than ours. Anyone who has suffered an intense flooding season, routine heatwaves, hurricanes or worse will no doubt relate to that. 

That being said, sometimes nature can be relatively uncooperative in its smaller expressions. You may have a wonderful green thumb, only to move to a lovely house with clay, unwelcoming soil that dashes any hope of growing vegetables without intensive work.

Perhaps the wind is so intensive against your property that robust, well-formatted fencing is the first step to implementing any designs of note. Maybe the dividers against other backward in your neighborhood are lacking, and as such you’ve woken up with a wide array of droppings from local pets on your lawn. 

Don’t worry, there are solutions to all of these problems. But if you feel frustrated, exasperation often takes the place of steadfast work. In this post, we’ll discuss how to address some of the most frustrating garden issues with care:

Consider Treating The Soil

Dealing with barren soil can be a real headache for any gardener. It might even feel like you’re trying to plant seeds in concrete. But don’t worry, there are ways to rejuvenate that soil with a little care. If you add some organic matter, like compost or manure, you can work wonders in improving its texture. Moreover, adjusting the pH level to suit your plants' needs can help treat it. With topsoil, you can help change the environment of your garden correctly. 

Remove All Old Furniture, Fixtures & Fences

Sometimes, you just need to start again. If the previous owner of your property made some questionable decisions to the point you wonder what they were thinking, starting again can be a good idea. Getting rid of old, tired furniture, and removing damaged fixtures or fences doesn't just make your garden look better. It also makes space for new ideas and larger formats, like landscaping part of the garden to be less steep. This way you can see the space in a new light and even consider a wide array of alterations you’d like to make, all for the better.

Remove Unhelpful Trees Or Limitations

Trees can be a boon and a great hindrance in the garden. While they of course provide shade and shelter, they can also hog all the resources and throw your garden out of balance. If you've got trees overshadowing your plant, if they’re old and decrepit (read: unsafe), it might be time to take action. Tree surgeons can help you remove trees responsibly and even pull the stumps and roots to make sure they don’t grow again. They can also do so in a manner that doesn’t cause damage to your power lines or the rest of your property. This can provide you more space to design, and perhaps more utility in your garden also.

With this advice, we hope you can avoid feeling frustrated with your garden in the best possible sense, and move onto newer designs.

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