Easter Offerings from Otis Spunkmeyer

March 28, 2017

Spring has sprung and Easter is just weeks away. Every bunny loves to have something sweet in their Easter basket. Otis Spunkmeyer offers great tasting snacks with no funky stuff. They currently offer 17 different treats in a yummy line of cookies, cakes and muffins. We were delighted to learn they will be launching the Strawberry Frosted Crème Cakes in April.

Where we live in Georgia strawberry season is just getting started. While the season is short for these delicious berries we like to enjoy the juicy sweetness as long as we can. So, I guess you know we can all get a little excited about enjoying the flavor longer. We were tickled to receive an advanced preview of Strawberry Frosted Crème Cakes. Strawberry Frosted Crème Cakes is a delicate pink cake with all the sweetness you could imagine.

Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, cakes and muffins would make the perfect addition to your easter basket happening. They are perfectly portioned and individually packaged. 

Strawberry Frosted Crème Cakes(coming April 2017)
Golden yellow cake, strawberry frosting and sweet strawberry filling; Strawberry Frosted Créme Cakes are the perfect size treats with a smile baked into every bite!

Frosted Golden Crème Cake
How do you make a fluffy golden cake filled with vanilla sweet crème even better? Not sure what you’d do, but we’d add a thick layer of vanilla icing with just a hint of lemon.
Cinnamon Crumb Loaf Cake
Yes, we know that the delicious, crumbly, cinnamon streusel in our coffee cake layer gets all the attention. But we’ve embedded it on a buttery, vanilla cake that is at least it's equal.
Iced Lemon Loaf Cake
Sometimes you want a moist, delicious snack cake. Sometimes you want to eat something refreshing. Well, with a lemon loaf cake topped with tangy lemon flavored icing, you can have both.

Did you know that Otis Spunkmeyer treats only have a 30-day self-life? That's right, these delights don't sit around! That's why they are so much fresher than all the others.There are currently 17 varieties offered for your snacking pleasure.
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