Realtree Xtra Dark Roast Coffee

March 17, 2017

Get ready to camouflage your coffee with Realtree Xtra Dark Roast Coffee. Being from Georgia, camouflage is a lifestyle for us, so the next step had to be coffee. Realtree is a brand my family knows a lot about but I will admit I had no clue Realtree had ventured into the coffee market. Realtree makes quality products, I can't think of a better match than with  Two Rivers Co.

I am the first one to admit I am not a morning person at all. I like to stay up late binge watching tv series and sleep in the next day. During the summer months that might be all well and good, but not when I have 3 children to get ready for school. I was really excited to find out I would be reviewing the Realtree Xtra Dark Roast Coffee. I have never purchased a dark roast coffee in my life. Most days my "coffee' is more creamer than coffee. So a coffee that could possibly kick my butt into gear was kinda scary. Working with Two Rivers Coffee the past few month I have come to enjoy different blends. 
The first thing I noticed about this box was how well packaged it was. I loved seeing the camouflage on the box and on the K-Cups. Dare I say it was cute? Yes, yes...I know it should be manly and remind me of hunting. When I opened the box I could already smell the coffee...oh look there is that cute camo again! When I started brewing my first cup the smell of coffee filled my kitchen. I giggle because I can hear my dad's voice in my head saying, "That coffee will put hair on your chest!" The coffee is dark and very robust in flavor. I tried it first black but quickly learned I like mine with a little southern pecan creamer. This coffee is perfect for anyone that likes their coffee on the bold, dark side. It's surely going to put a pep in your step and get you prepared for the day. It's a great coffee to brew over ice because it keeps that good strong coffee flavor and does not become watered down by the ice.

You want a high-octane coffee that works all season long? Well, here it is. Just like our amazingly lifelike Realtree all-season camo, this Extra Bold coffee will have you covered in any situation. With an incredible depth of flavor, it’s a robust dark roast that's perfect for drinking through all seasons."
  • Compatible with all Keurig machines - Including new 2.0 brewers.
  • Extra fresh grounds that filter brewed with 100% premium Arabica coffee beans.
  • Perfectly roasted & perfectly ground for the perfect cup of coffee.
  • Rich tasting coffees--inspired by the gear we love most. Brew up a cup and get out there.
  • Crafted with pride in the USA.

A disclaimer and disclosure: * We received this product in exchange for a review. We were compensated with product for our reviews, however, all our opinions are our own, based on our personal experience with the product. We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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