Ninja 4-in-1-cooking-system

March 2, 2017

I'll admit, I am one crock pot love'n mama. There is just something special about loading a full meal into a pot. It slow cooks all day filling your home with the smell of home cooked goodness. And being a family of 5 it's a way to make sure at the end of the day our family has a great meal. Plus I don't have to spend hours in the kitchen putting it together. The 6-quart pot allows room for your biggest dishes and also frees up room when you are looking large holiday meals. Then when it's time to store the unit everything fits neatly inside. 

The 1st meal that I made was lasagna! I love that it's so easy to use and programmable. I have so much more control over the temperatures that my food cooks. With my old crock pot, it was high, low or off. There were also no hot spots when cooking, the meal was perfect in every way. 

Cooking a chicken stew in it is a dream come true! Do you see the richness of the chicken broth? The chicken was cooked to perfection-tender and juicy. We have also used the rack insert to make a meatloaf that came out perfect. And did I mention that it's dishwasher safe? Well, not the cooker itself but the inserts. The inserts are also nonstick. We use ours weekly and can not live without it!

Looks like a pot, feels like a jackpot.
You and your kitchen win big when the Ninja®Cooking System is around. It sears, saut├ęs, slow cooks and steams all in one pot. Oh, and it can bake. One-pot meals in as little as 30 minutes? We told you it's a jackpot.
  • 4-in-1 cooking system with pans
  • Steam-infused roasting: Bottom and side heat and super-heated steam cooks 30% faster, with less fat vs. conventional ovens
  • Fast 1-pot meal making: Delicious family meals ready in 30 minutes
  • SEARIOUS slow cooking: Sear using built-in stovetop before slow cooking
  • Non-stick coating cooking pot

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