Lower Summer Power Bills

June 30, 2019

Summer is when the highest power bills are usually seen due to the increasing heat. For some reason, it doesn't seem to take as much energy to stay warm as it does to remain cool in the increasing heat. With power costs rising and the economy taking a downward turn there are some tips for lowering your power bill during the summer that can be rather useful when they are put into practice.

The air conditioning is the first of the summer electricity consumers that can be reduced to lower the amount of the power bill. Making sure that the unit is in proper working order at the beginning of the summer is the first thing that has to be done, so it's best to give a firm like Albert Culver Company a call to get your system serviced. This will aid in assuring that the unit is cooling properly and not wasting electricity. The filter should be changed on a regular basis to ensure that the unit does not become clogged. The vents should be free of items that can block the airflow in rooms that you are using, close the vents in rooms that you do not use to redirect the air flow.

The thermostat of the unit should be set around 78 degrees or higher if you can stand it. The auto function on the thermostat will ensure that the temperature remains the same in the home without running all day long. If you still have individual room air conditioners you can use them only in the rooms that are occupied. At night or when you are going to be gone for an extended period of time the thermostat on the air conditioner can be turned up a little higher to keep from cooling the home instead of the occupants.

Dressing for the weather and incorporating fans to circulate the air will help you to resist the urge to turn the thermostat down as low as it will go. Blocking the heat from entering the home through the windows will help to keep the temperature consistent. You can purchase window film covering rather inexpensively; if you don't have the money for it you can use blankets to black out the windows in the rooms of the home that don't often have guests in them. Making sure that all doors and windows are free of leaks will go a long way to keeping hot air out and cold air in.

Using electricity providers that offer competitive rates can also make a big difference. Check what your rates are at the company you’re currently using and also those of the competitors, chances are you’re paying more than you ought to. Some companies who specialize in solar- and wind energy production even offer special rates for green energy that can potentially take a big chunk out of your electricity bill at the end of the month. Also, look at providers that offer exceptional customer service and professional advice on how to cut costs and what would work best for your home and lifestyle.

Laundry is another place that the power bill can be reduced during the summer. Washing only full loads of laundry in cold water will save on the costs of heating the water. The dryer is convenient but it can increase the energy bill especially during summer when it puts heat into the house. If you must use the dryer use it in the evenings when it's not as hot. To avoid using the dryer you can wash your clothes in the mornings and hang them outside to dry. It will only take a couple of hours for them to dry and there will be no electricity used; if you can't do them in the mornings you can do them in the evenings and place them on hangers or on drying racks to dry them.

Cooking is another area where power bills can be reduced during the summer. Avoid using the oven whenever possible; if you insist on using the oven then do it at night when it's not as hot to avoid increasing the amount of heat in the house. Use burners the same size as your pots and place lids on them to keep the heat from escaping. If you have one day off and can find the time you can cook up multiple meals and freeze them. The microwave uses less energy than the stove for cooking most items, use it whenever possible to make meals. Summer is a great time for grilling out.

Wash a full sink of dishes at once and rinse them in a half of the sink of cold water. The dishwasher should be run with full loads and the air dry setting used. Hot water in the shower adds to the power bill and doesn't do anything to help you cool off. Taking shorter showers in cooler water will help to reduce the power bill as well.

Daylight last longer in the summer so take advantage of the light and work in the yard when it's comfortable out in the evenings. Utilize natural light in the house and put off turning the lights on just a little longer. Lights are a source of heat in the home if you still use the old fashion incandescent bulbs. Switching even one of the most used lights in the home to an energy efficient bulb will save you money on power.

Chargers use power even when nothing is being charged on them. Be sure to unplug charges when the items on them are fully charged. Do not leave the electronics in the home on standby when you leave or go to bed at night. Turn them completely off, even if this means unplugging them. All leaving them on standby does is to use power even if it's less power than they would use when they are on.

These are just a few things that can aid in lowering your power bill during the summer. A look around the home will give you several more ideas to decrease your power consumption and save you money during the summer.

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