Summer Activities To Accomplish

June 8, 2019

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

Now that the warmer months have finally arrived, I can’t wait to finally start on my summer bucket list that I’ve created and want to check off. Of course, I have a few fun things that don’t include the outdoors for those occasional rainstorms that come through from time to time, or if we get too much sun and need to stay inside.

1. Camping - If you are the one that loves to be outdoors, try camping this summer! My biggest advice would be to grab all the gear you can if it’s your first time meaning a tent, hiking boots, a comfortable sleeping bag, pillow, and a flashlight. If camping isn’t your thing, there is a great alternative to still enjoy the great outdoors which is called ‘glamping’ which brings camping and the luxurious of a hotel right to you! Think of it as a very upgraded tent ( on stilts ) a cozy bed and comforter and other great amenities all in nature.

Image: Athens Commerce Laundromat

2. Declutter - Just because the kids are out of school doesn’t mean you can get some decluttering finished around our house. With their help, I bet you could even get it done a little faster too ( depending on their age! ). One thing we do is go through old clothing to donate or even bring to the clear to spruce up for summer weddings or parties we’ll be attending. If you live in the Athens area, Athens Commerce Laundromat is a full-service laundromat and it’s extremely affordable for your laundry servicing needs. What does that mean? You’re able to drop off those spaghetti stained shirts and within about 24 hours you get them wash, dry and fold everything. They are then packaged and stored to wait for you to pick up. They also work with your demanding work schedules as well and are open 7 days a week! For those that may not have time to visit during working hours, they even offer a pickup and dropoff service which is extremely convenient for busy parents who have kids in several camps this summer. The friendly staff takes pride in everything they do and with their clean, safe and welcoming facility, you’ll be going to them over and over for the next few busy months!

3. Pick Fresh Flowers - One of my favorite things to make the house a bit more welcoming for family and guests who come from out of town are put fresh flowers in their room. It’s such a small but sweet gesture that many people love again and again. I also love to put them on our countertops and tables while we eat so we can enjoy the aroma as well.

4. Have a Picnic - Of course with warmer weather you’ll want to be outside as much as possible so why not bring everyone else out with you and enjoy a picnic together. My kids love helping to pack snacks and then set the blanket out for us to sit outside with. It’s a fun change of scenery for everyone. We even bring our bikes and go on a bike ride and then find a shady spot on our adventure back to enjoy the snacks or lunch we brought with us.

5. Go Boating - If you live near a lake my biggest idea would be to rent or go on a boat with friends. Don’t worry if you are nervous about the water, lifejackets are required for everyone to wear so you’ll be safe. My kids love going boating with friends and relatives, learning how to water ski or just swimming around to find fish in the water. It’s again, another great change of scenery for you and your loved ones to enjoy especially if you don’t normally live around the water area.

6. Bring A Book - You never know if you are able to get some downtime while your kids play at the park or they are out in the backyard. Grab a book and enjoy it with them, spreading out blankets or pillows and enjoy! My kids even bring books themselves and we learn to read near a tree or a shady area of the quiet park.

7. Play Tourist - While you may have lived in a town your entire life, have you ever thought of playing tourist in it? There are always new and fun things popping up, especially during the warm months of the year. Think of new food trucks that come from neighboring areas or concerts to attend. Sometimes it’s fun to not go where everyone else goes and think of somewhere new to visit.

I’m sure there are many other activities I’ve forgotten to put so I can’t wait to hear what you and your family members will be doing. There are things to do together and even if you need a bit of alone time as well. It’s going to be one amazing summer so plan it out accordingly and have a great time doing it!

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