3 Ways to Inject a Bit More Authenticity into Everyday Life

January 30, 2020 Division No. 23, Unorganized, MB, Canada

There are certain things that we all need and crave in life, in order to feel as though we are living in a way that is true to ourselves and that feels meaningful and properly-balanced.

One of the things that we all tend to crave is a sense of authenticity – the feeling that we are doing things that actually matter and that have some substance, as opposed to just drifting through life more or less aimlessly.

These days, the craving for “authenticity” can clearly be seen in a wide variety of social and consumer-driven movements that push for a heightened degree of individuality and accountability, among other things.

Here are just a few ways to inject a bit more authenticity into your everyday life.

Always try to go for craftsmanship over mass-produced goods

There is something that is always at least a bit “inauthentic” about mass-produced goods that come off a production line somewhere. At the very least, you know that your own particular belonging isn’t at all unique, and doesn’t have much in the way of direct human craftsmanship behind it.

The arts and crafts movement originally developed precisely as a reaction against mass-market goods, and as a move back to authenticity.

These days, it’s easy to find all manner of handcrafted and artisanal goods, ranging from Amish Baskets for storing your Easter eggs in, to sourdough loaves from a traditional bakery (that will doubtless be healthier and tastier than the bread you would buy, wrapped in plastic, at your local supermarket.)

Craftsmanship, in and of itself, implies authenticity as it is the result of direct skilled human work, and not just mechanistic systems and algorithms. What’s more, each artisanal item will be slightly different from the next, therefore giving it more of a personal feel.

Find regular opportunities for “silence” and low-tech hobbies

The advanced technologies that surround us during every waking moment of our lives can certainly be invaluable as tools – but they can often be so all-encompassing that they don’t allow us much opportunity to really be alone with our thoughts.

Silence” is something that has been emphasised as important in all sorts of religious and cultural traditions from around the world. So, in order to discover and develop your authentic sense of self, find regular opportunities for silence.

A great way to do this is by engaging in low-tech hobbies that don’t give you the same level of direct stimulation as watching action movies on TV, or surfing the web.

Always be working on at least one project that feels genuinely meaningful to you

Whether you end up picking up a “side hustle” that you hope to turn into a future career, or just a hobby that you can really invest yourself in, it’s an extremely good idea to always be working on at least one project feels genuinely meaningful to you.

A big part of discovering and expressing authenticity in your everyday life is actually taking the time to explore those things that you value and care about, and, accordingly, letting them enrich your life.
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