The Tastiest Ways To Get More Vegetables Into Your Meals

January 28, 2020

If you were to list your favorite meals would vegetables be in there? It’s doubtful. No doubt you'd be keener on Southern comfort food or a nice juicy burger or steak. When we are told so much that we've got to incorporate more vegetables into our diet, it doesn't particularly fill us with joy! But when we hit the point where we have got to get more vegetables into our foods, either for the sake of our children or just so we can get our quota of vitamins, what are the best ways to get vegetables into our food that is actually tasty?

Oven Roast Them
Oven roasting vegetables brings out so much flavor. For example, if you roast a tomato in the oven, it brings out a nice juicy sweet flavor. When you're looking to make more of your meal times with vegetables, oven roasting them is the way forward! There is a recipe on The Mediterranean Dish website for Italian roasted vegetables that is delicious. When you start to oven roast vegetables you can season them however you want which doesn't just disguise the taste but the oven roasting process gets rid of any horrid textures. The fact of the matter is that when we don't like the idea of vegetables if we can season them with salt, pepper, or garlic as well as throwing some chorizo in there, it makes it a far more enticing prospect.

Blitz Them Into A Soup
The texture is one of the biggest problems with vegetables. Some people don't like the crunch of a carrot. And when we try to get our kids into vegetables, the texture is one of the first things that can throw them off the scent! Instead of piling vegetables on a plate, by blitzing up carrots, broccoli, or any leftover vegetables into a soup you can add seasonings with a nice side of crusty bread and you're going to have your your daily quota in a nice, comforting bowl. There's some fantastic recipes out there for hearty warming soups that is just the ticket in this horrible winter weather.

Make A Sauce Out Of Them
When our kids turn their nose up at vegetables it can be so frustrating but what you can do instead is be very, very sneaky! A pasta sauce or a curry sauce are perfect ways to put in a lot of pureed vegetables into a sumptuous sauce that goes with pasta or rice and chicken. Spaghetti arrabbiata is one of those comforting meals that is perfect for blitzing up into a sauce. If you don't like vegetables, you won't even know they are there! All you will be able to taste is delicious tomato sauce!

Whether we're trying to set a good example for our children or we are looking to be healthier, we've got to get more vegetables into our meals. These three ways are straightforward, to the point, and they don't require much preparation at all. Look at this as the gateway to a healthier life without eating piles and piles of vegetables!

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